Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shoe Shopping Saga Update

My shipment containing two new pair of shoes from the website arrived yesterday...and the winner is this style of flat called "Recent Duchess" by Clarks.  I did a quick photo shoot while the better half, who knows I bought them, was visiting the grocery store, so I could post some pictures of  them on here as quickly as possible.

The above 3 pictures are my new purchase from Clarks, and I plan to start wearing them tomorrow, just in case they need to be "broken in."

The better half was OK with them.  She relayed that they're definitely cute, and they look like they fit well - no gapping.  Girls are wearing "somewhat pointed toes" right now, and the accents on the vamp are plainly feminine, so "you're going to look even more like a girl than you already do.  Most folks on our trips to Cape Cod and Delaware mistook us for two women.  But I'm just thankful you didn't buy those Mary Janes you tried on in Delaware...they really were over the top in femininity."

Unfortunately, the second pair I mail ordered, in a different style (called Concert Choir) but the same size (12), did not fit at all.  Much too big.  Such is life...they go back.

But I'll definitely make sure that the following pair of Mary Janes:

is under wraps for a long time to come!!!  From Payless, they're the Kimmie style, and I can wear them for over 6 hours with no problems...definitely a keeper!

So, for those of us gals equipped with size 12 feet, all is not lost.  It's been a long-running, and sometimes discouraging, effort.  But let me assure you that shoes which fit can be found.  And not always at Payless...


  1. I think that the Recent Duchess from Clarks are quite cute and will serve you well as a good every day shoe
    I really like the Mary Janes. It is without question a very feminine style. That is the shoe I would wear if I were out and about in a casual setting. You may consider that shoe for visiting your mom.
    How do the MJs work with your stirrup pants. I think that would be a very nice combination.

  2. Thanks, Pat! I'm wearing them "every day" for now...but after a couple weeks they'll be "as good as they get" - I think I'll keep them as my good shoes...since they were more expensive than I usually buy, and the soles/heels aren't replaceable. I'll just continue using the ballerinas I already have for every day, at least for now, But those have been discontinued already, so the shoe search (for some less expensive everyday shoes) will resume at some point in the future!

    I've not worn my MJ's yet with my stirrup pants. But it's something I want to try before too long...thanks for the suggestion!


  3. great shoes! you have very nice legs, too!