Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Quickie - Skyrockets in flight.

Last Friday night, with clear skies, I set my alarm clock for 11 PM, to see if I could watch NASA's Lunar Space Explorer take off for a date with the moon, from Wallops Island, Virginia.  It was reportedly to be the first out-of-earth's-orbit launch from that site. While my residence is on the Delmarva Peninsula, it's more than 100 road miles from the launch site.

I have just enough clear view in the direction of Wallops Island, that I was able to see a few early minutes of the launch, but then the show moved behind some trees. As its trajectory changed, I could see glimpses through the tree branches, as the rocket roared off toward Bermuda.  This wasn't quite as exciting as the time I watched Space Shuttle Discovery take off from Cape Canaveral in person (you couldn't hear the roar last night) but it was definitely worth getting up for.  And, it was much more comfortable standing in the living room in my nightgown, than on the shoulder of some back road, along with gazillions of other dummies!  

There's a commercial launch coming up from Wallops Island on the 17th...weather permitting.  I'll get up for that as well, but get in the car and drive a few yards to a clearing, for (hopefully) a better view!   Maybe I can even get a picture from there...

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