Friday, December 21, 2012

How can you can tell it's not summertime?

If it were, this Ocean City beach on Maryland's Eastern Shore would be teeming with sun-worshippers!  Today, just yards from the end of the "boardwalk," there isn't a human in sight!

This December day wasn't really all that cold or the low 50's.  A great day for a short overnight autumn break at the seashore - off season rates are very favorable.  We chose to "not" go beach-walking this visit...there just wasn't time before checking into the hotel and an early dinner appointment.  For that, I was glad...the first time (several years ago) that we took an impromptu walk on the beach in late fall,  it was fun, walking and talking, hand-in-hand.  But, it's impossible to keep sand out of your shoes on a beach! After shaking the sand out,  and putting my shoes back on, I realized that I was going to have to enjoy the sand for a while longer...a fair amount had worked its way inside my pantyhose, and it wasn't coming out!   But this trip, I was OK with passing up the   beachwalking!

Where are all the people?

When I checked us into the hotel, we were addressed as "ladies" and I was "Ma'am." And at dinner, the girl who was our server was a real sweeetheart - "ladies" was the word of the day.  We had a great meal, and she got a bigger tip than we usually leave. And it was "ladies" at the tram for the huge holiday light display...which was very nice!  This time I didn't have to drive and miss all the fun...

Theme for the holiday light display was "The 12 days of Christmas."  Here you see the maids a-milking.  Kids were everywhere, and having a good time. 

That's the Atlantic Ocean behind me...   

A few minutes before taking this picture, I waved to the good folks across the pond in the UK, since the haze hadn't set in yet...  Bet nobody saw me!

No, it's not a sunset...

I have a "thing" for colorful sunrises and sunsets.  This is a remarkable Atlantic sunrise from Maryland's Eastern Shore...   I was very comfortable, sitting out on the balcony of our room on the 8th floor of the hotel, wearing my ballerinas, one of my housedresses and a heavy jacket, watching the majesty in the eastern sky unfold, from a thin line of color on the horizon, to a technicolor masterpiece, while enjoying the wonderfully soothing sounds of the surf. 

Definitely one of the vacation mornings I look forward to!

Because of the upcoming holidays, this may be my last 2012 post.  To everyone who reads this, I send my best wishes for a very Happy Holiday Season, and a Happy New Year....


  1. Mandy -

    Isn't a beach a perfect place to get to in the off season? Peaceful solitude - and very affordable.

    Hopefully, you had a great New Year, and looking forward to new posts soon....


    1. Narian,

      Thanks! Yes, we enjoy those short mini vacations in the winter!

      It really was a wonderful holiday season, so nice to see our son again! Now to go about getting the house undecorated and resume the non-holiday life. That's never as much fun as decorating and the "holiday anticipation".

      Hopefully I'll finish up a post I'm working on, sometime in the next couple days...


    2. Marian,

      Apologies for the typo on your name...I really can spell. But I can blame it on my long nails...or the small keyboard on this laptop - LOL! Never operator failure, is it?