Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A cute charity shop find....

Following are a couple pictures of my newest Charity Shop find...a cute lightweight denim skirt, for the princely sum of $2.36!  I couldn't pass it up....particularly since I need to add another cue as to my femininity.

I pulled the skirt on over my stirrups for these pictures... fall, wintertime and early spring typically aren't typically short skirt season.  So, for the time being, I can wear it over my stirrups.   Before I retired, some of the girls at work wore similar outfits to work, and they looked very nice.  I realize the outfit would look even better if my skirt were worn over heavy tights.  And if I end up in skirts and dresses next November, that'll be the only way I CAN wear it!

When the weather breaks in the spring, it would look great over my pantyhose, though it's short enough that I''d better be wearing panties too, if I plan to sit down. You may recall that panties are a bit of a problem right now, since the doctor said I should only wear pantyhose, not panties.  The better half donated all of mine except for two pairs (one black and one white),  and a pair of the appropriate color autmatically appears on pedicure or car show days.   Time will tell what happens, but this won't become an issue till the weather warms up next spring.  That's still a long way off...

My new skirt even has an unexpected (and appreciated)  benefit...side pockets!  That's perfect for traveling - a place for a hotel room key, car keys, and some paper money, a credit card, or my ID. Funny how things have come full circle...I gave up all my pants with pockets, but find all the skirts I have now are equipped with pockets -small, but pockets nonetheless!  Is wearing skirts how I'll gain access to pockets again?   That would be so ironic...

 A girly little denim skirt!   From the rear, my stirrups look almost like leggings.  Notice my acrylic French nails... they're very feminine, and as you can see, impossible to hide!

From the front, my stirrups and ballerinas are noticeable.  But it's the same type of outfit girls at work wore to the office last winter....

A couple days ago, the better half mentioned  that my supply of pantyhose is getting low, and suggested that I order some more, since holiday sales are in progress.  But she reminded me to only order nude or taupe color...no more dark pantyhose.  I ordered them online, as usual, then left the printed order confirmation sitting on my desk so she could see that my purchase was all taupe, not dark.

Later on, she noticed the confirmation and thanked me for taking care of that.  "Since pantyhose from the store don't fit you right, and you only own two pair of panties, you sure don't want to run out!   And now that ballerinas are your go-to footwear, light-colored nylons maximize their visibility."

She's certainly right about my wearing ballerinas every day.  A look at my current shoe wardrobe reveals multiple pairs of women's flat open-toe sandals in various colors, two pairs of summery tan "fisherman style" sandals, and two pairs of clog slides (which don't work well with stirrups but will be fine with my skirts.)  Also, there's a pair of low heel booties for winter, two pairs of slip-on and one pair of lace-up women's Keds, plus the driving shoes (which have subsequently developed a problem, so I quit wearing them.)   Keds are only for messy days or tasks - like yard work or the mornings of car shows - since they can be thrown in the washer.   All my other shoes are gone, so ballerinas are really my only choice.

And it seems that they're a non-issue, wherever I go.  Very encouraging!  Whenever I'm near a womens' shoe shop, I check out their inventory, to try to find another pair in a different style, that fits as well as these.  That's proving to be tough....I can find some cute ones, but they don't fit right!  One of these days, I'll hopefully succeed!
In my last visit to the Dermatologist, she gave me some medication for the skin issues on my face, which she advised may cause temporary redness as a side effect, wherever it's applied.  Turns out,  she's right...it does.  So I called her office to ask if anything can be done about the redness.  The assistant, who said she remembered me from my recent visits,  told me that most women just wear a heavier concealer under their foundation and powder.  "That'll be the easiest thing for you, Ma'am, even when you don't want to get fancy with your lipstick, blusher and eye makeup.  That shouldn't be a problem for you, right Ma'am?"  "No, it's not a problem at all, Miss, thanks!"  I guess I should have thought of that...but at least it's the approved way to deal with redness.  So now I'll be wearing some makeup every day.  And that's one more advanced feminine cue for me.

And since the better half noticed the redness, she's fine with my using makeup as a cover-up for it Yes, it was a new experience  for me that first morning, applying my makeup at my sink, while she quickly washed her hands and face, brushed her teeth and then moved on,  "Welcome to the wonderful world of makeup, dear.  You're probably having fun with it today.   But eventually the novelty will wear off for you, and you''ll see it as a chore.  That's why I no longer wear makeup...    I do miss the fragrance of the powder, though.  Since you now have to wear makeup, you're the one who'll smell pretty, and I get to enjoy it, without all the work!  Don't be too long, dear - see you in the kitchen!" 

Guess the shoe is on the other foot now...wonder if (or when) it will become a high heel?

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