Thursday, October 11, 2012

At Last! Wearing feminine shoes...all day, every day.

As I mentioned earlier, a pair each, of T-strap women's driving shoes and round toe ballet flats showed up in UPS the other day.  The box had my name on it, and both pairs were my size.  Guess who ordered them for me?  I was asked to wear them around the house to make sure "your new shoes fit, since you're going to be spending quite a bit of time in them."

So, with both pairs fitting acceptably,  I wore the driving shoes to visit Mother, and she loved them.
But the next day I wore these:

She was thrilled to see me wearing them.  They're cute, very comfortable...and I'm really enthusiastic about wearing my new ballet flats.

That's a good thing, because so is my better half. "They're perfect with all your stirrups and Capris, and will look fine with dresses and skirts once you're wearing them.  So, you have absolutely no need for loafers.  Since you're going to be a girl, shouldn't you be sporting cute, girly shoes all day, every day?" It's tough to argue against that type of logic, isn't it?  And it would be quite an issue for me, if I weren't willing to go down this road!

"Check your closet, you'll find that I've already collected them and packed them up.  They're beyond your reach now.  When I decide the time is right, or the first time you ask about them, they will go in the charity donation bin.  You might as well forget about them - they're gone.  Just concentrate all your efforts on becoming totally comfortable wearing your ballet flats, all day, every day."   So, that evening, I looked in my closet.  And by golly, she's right, they're all gone!   Fortunately I love wearing my ballet flats.

Meanwhile, I got my next clothing check thrift shops and on line, for two different brands of ballerina flats with the more feminine string ties on the vamp, and two different styles with the string ties AND peep toes, to put my pedicures on display.  This will insure that I have enough girly shoes for any occasion, now that my loafers are no more.

I guess dresses and heels will come later...

           At the nursing home...showing off my everyday feminine look and my new ballet flats.

And that's where Mother confided in me that she loves my ballet flats, even more than the driving shoes, and that I should be wearing them all the time, including with dresses.  I asked her why she likes them so much and she told me that they are a cute, timeless style that reminds her of the shoes she wore many years back. Then the zinger..."and you look much more attractive in them than those loafers you sometimes wear."

I was able to reassure her that "my better half agrees completely with you, and has already collected  my loafers for donation to charity.  I won't be wearing them any more.  Ballet flats are my new every day shoes."

My comfy new driving shoes...are mostly for longer trips, though.  Even my better half says that ballet flats will be fine for local driving.

The T-strap and elastic band are great to keep them from gapping at the sides, which has been a problem for many of the ballet-style flats I've tried on over the years...  And I just love the pattern in the leather on the vamp...   If you look, you can see a stylized triangle, pointing forward on the vamp of each shoe.  If you include the two t-straps which intersect the elastic band,  you have an arrow, pointing forward.

Every time I see that, I consider it a reminder of the girly direction my new shoes are leading me...and the better half says these look enough like mary janes to let her see that those might be another feminine option for me, down the road.

                                             I'll try to get a better picture as soon as I can....

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