Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Another quickie!


When I started combing through the pictures I took at the recent meeting with former co-workers, one thing became quite obvious. Now you may remember that a couple of the girls complimented my ballet flats. Nothing else "girly" was indicated. However, when I took a look at the pictures, I noticed one thing which was "bigly" amiss.  See below!

Did you notice that my legs were noticeably un-tanned? That "winter-pale" appearance may be what drew their attention down to my feet. You might say that "it's the light!" Yes, some of it is definitely the light - there wasn't much of that. The man next to me is standing in even a bit less light. However, not that much. And in better light, his were still much more tanned than mine. Might have something to do with the pandemic, and not having been out to enjoy the spring weather.

But now my task is to slowly (without getting burned) get out in the sun for a cursory attempt to make the sun be my friend...and without stirring up a melanoma. When I wear skirts and dresses, I really don't want my legs to be so jarringly pale!

Wish me luck...



  1. That is quite a contrast! A few minutes in direct sun each day is all it really takes to darken, although the best way to develop a tan is to be outdoors for longer diffused, reflected or shaded sunlight. Enjoy! Sue x

    1. And that's my current plan! And it's starting to work, though slowly.