Sunday, March 29, 2020


We live on the Delmarva, where, unlike Washington DC/Baltimore areas and their suburbs, there are only a few cases of the new virus. And public schools throughout Maryland are all closed until the end of April. Out of an abundance of caution, we're following the published rules of social distancing, and only going out for visits to the grocery store and pharmacy. (Needless to say, the gasoline bills have shrunk significantly.) Mom's nursing home is locked down, thus no visiting. Fortunately they have had no cases of the virus thus far. 

Walking around the neighborhood for exercise is permissible if we maintain the required separation, and we have done that a few times. Anything to alleviate the boredom...the telly isn't all that much help! Too much coverage of the virus...there IS other news! And home shopping doesn't help much, either.

As for Mandy, there hasn't been any Mandy time lately, and with the virus lurking out there in the wings, there simply aren't any excursions in the planning stages, nor any safe excursions to plan for. A trip to TN to see the kids is certainly on our to-do list, and I hope it can be taken in the near future. But cases are increasing rapidly there (a nursing home near Nashville was just evacuated due to the virus), and we will take no chances until the all-clear is given for MD, VA and TN. We don't need to get stuck in quarantine for 14 days when we cross state lines, when we arrive there, or when we get home.

My posting may be less frequent till things start to ease up, so please bear with me...

To all my readers: please follow all instructions given. By all means, be safe - and well!



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