Monday, March 30, 2020

Advice needed!

I have several different color jumper dresses,  like the one below, which I wear with turtleneck blouses around the house with my wife's approval, and out in the yard provided it isn't an all-day project which keeps me out there.  But I haven't tried wearing the outfits on a Mandy excursion yet.  I need some advice as to "do outfits like this look OK for all-day wear, while traveling?"

Interestingly, the above picture taken 3.29.20 seems to confirm what I've seen in the breasts seem to be growing, even though the scale says I've lost a little weight.  You can see a dark area above each breast in the above picture, from a little bit of protrusion.  It's more noticeable in the mirror each morning than here.  But i guess it means that one of these days, I should seek to be professionally measured for a properly-sized bra.  

The doctor mentioned breast growth as a possibility a while back, so i wouldn't be surprised if it happens as a side effect of one of my meds.  (No, I'm NOT on HRT.)   I didn''t outwardly cheer, but I wanted to.    I couldn't be so lucky as to need an A-cup bra! 

A rear-view of the 3/29/20 outfit, above:

Below is my holiday outfit, taken several years ago.  Barefoot of course, as I typically am around the house:

Would any of you be willing to hazard an opinion as to whether outfits like these look attractive enough to actually wear on some of my trips?   (With sandals or ballet flats, of course.)   It would give me so many more options in my wardrobe, and laundry wouldn't be an issue as they are already laundered regularly at home.

Thanks in advance, girls...



  1. Both outfits look comfortable and age and presentation appropriate. Either can be worn with or without pantyhose and both make you look like the total package to compliment your hair, nails, etc.

    1. Thanks! If we can ever get past this virus thing, I probably will start wearing dresses on my various excursions!

  2. Hi Mandy, I don't see why you shouldn't wear these dresses on your trips if you want to. They certainly look comfortable and practical. From a fashion point of view, though, they have little shape and are somewhat less feminine as a result.
    Stay safe and well.
    Sue x

    1. Hi Sue,

      Thanks for the comment! Yes, they are both comfortable and practical, though I agree they are far from the fashionable "fit and flare" that is in so many current ads.

      Truth be known, my figure is far from "hourglass perfect" and those dresses do tend to cover up the flaws. So at some point this year, once the virus peters out, I probably will give them a try, just for a change in wardrobe.

      Hope you are doing well virus-wise. Stay healthy!



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