Thursday, June 27, 2019

First time out this year...

Mandy has been relegated to the suitcase for far too long now, and it was finally time for her to stretch her legs.   Thus, she recently took the antique car to a show in Pennsylvania – requiring two overnight stays, and knowing in advance that the chance of scoring an award was nil.   You gotta do what you gotta do!

I left the house that Friday, wearing ladies’ white shorts and half-sleeve black tunic (wife had not seen it before, but was OK with my wearing it), my white slides, necklace, bracelet and the usual purse, pink nails, and of course, long hair.  I had put on very light makeup at home, but no lipstick.   Not far from the house (deep in a cornfield, of course) I pulled on my dark paisley maxi skirt and took off the shorts, putting 'em into the suitcase residing in the trunk, applied lipstick, earrings and bracelet.   Then it was off to the hotel, about 3-1/2 driving hours away.

There were a couple of stops…one for gas, and one for a snack.  There was no problem being identified as female.  I elected to not do any sightseeing; instead, going straight to the hotel.
That got me into town at about 4PM.

Checking into the hotel was fun…friendly clerk, had to see my driver’s license.  Nonetheless, despite the “M” showing, I was presumed to be – and addressed as - “Ma’am.”  I stopped at a gas station which offered subs and sandwiches, and picked up a quick dinner, to be eaten in the room.  “Is that all, Ma’am?” 

Up early on car show morning.  The weather was perfect for a show.   Sunny, warm and breezy. I dressed in white capri pants with a gray logo tee, and my white slides, but I had white sneakers in the car in case of wet grass…and needed them.   Ran into some people I know, had a good time talking with them, and as expected, didn’t win anything.  Typically, sporty 2 door hardtop models with 4-speeds, bucket seats, consoles and other fancy accoutrements do better than 2 door pillar coupes without them (like mine), so this was inevitable.  But win or not, it was a perfect test run for the car, which worked fine.

After the show, I retreated to the hotel for a quick shower and to do some searching for dinner. 
I dressed in this outfit for dinner…actual picture is from my archive - the one I took on the trip didn't work out.

My first choice of venue was apparently the best show in town, as locals were lined up at the door.  And I was too hungry to be willing to standing out front for any length of time to be seated.  Unfortunately other sit-down restaurants (my second and third choices) were either closed, serving Mexican food, or were pizza places.  Thus I ended up at a fast food shop…where the hamburger was good, as were my onion rings.  And the compliments about my car: "Gorgeous car, Ma'am!" 

After dinner, I stretched out on the bed to watch the telly for a while, and fell asleep, getting up only long enough to change into my nightie.  

More to follow in part 2!

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