Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Just Another Excursion...

This one was  to visit our son and family, plus meet some friends for sightseeing.  The trip south was uneventful.   Well except for a couple things...

With my wife present, I traveled in women's shorts and a short sleeve tunic, flats (no pantyhose), my necklace, and purse.    (As well as, the ever present pink nails and long hair - of course.)

At a gas/convenience stop in Maryland, my wife went in to use the potty while I filled the car's gas tank.  She returned and said nothing about anything being amiss.  So I moved the car to a parking place and went in to use the restroom.   Both men's and women's rooms were in the same hallway, with the men's room further down.   Four fat, bearded and mustachioed "stereotypical bubbas" were standing there by the women's room door, waiting in line for men's room, which was being cleaned. 

My need to use the restroom was very, very urgent.  Strangely enough, with my purse over my shoulder, I didn't give it a second thought...   Four pairs of eyes were watching me as I tapped on the women's room door.  Hearing no answer, I entered.  (Luckily it was a one-holer.)   I used the facilities as a woman, and came out in an appropriate length of time, to find the "bubbas" still waiting in line.   I said to them..."Have a good day, guys."  Their response:  "You too, Ma'am."

Though I don't do something that brazen very often (and specifically avoid it as much as possible), it was rather uneventful...considering that so many things could have gone wrong.   (Like a fight with the "bubbas", or soaking wet shorts...) 

Back at the car:  "I thought you'd take a lot longer than that, with the line for the men's room.  Do we need to stop at the next place with a restroom?"    "No, I used the women's room."  "Oh.  Well, at least you look the part."  Then, the subject was changed.

Surprising, right?

We stopped for lunch enroute - at a Cracker Barrel.  There, we were addressed as "ladies" as we were escorted to seats.  And the same situation existed all through dinner...   Hmmmmm -  I didn't think I looked all that feminine.   Guess I was wrong!

Among friends, who already know my gender, there is no confusion.  During our trip, I did hear a comment from one male friend.  He commented..."I can tell that you don't work on your antique car yourself."  I already knew the reason he would I replied "And why might that be?"   His response: "Those pretty nails wouldn't survive if you did."  From there, I led the subject off the nails path and into a discussion of my mechanic, and it never came up again.  (Incidentally, this guy was the same one who joked "Hey, nice skirt" when I had my sweater tied around my waist last year.  At least he doesn't pursue it further.)

My typical traveling outfit,...this was taken during a historic house tour on one of our sightseeing days:

Guess I look a bit more feminine than I thought....



  1. There is no question that the image in the photo shows that of a woman rather than a man.
    That is a great story about bathroom use. It is clear that your wife knows and has come to accept the fact that your day to day appearance can have you gendered as either a male or a female. After your wife's comment about you 'at least looked the part' you should have responded that there are true benefits to your presenting in a female clothes. In fact, the next time you are taking a P-stop at public facilities you may want to quip to your wife before you head to the head that depending on the lines you may have to 'play the woman card' and use the ladies line if there is a backup at the men's room. You may also discuss the fact that women's rooms are so much nicer/cleaner than men's rooms and that if the men's room is too icky you may use your appearance to access the cleaner nicer facility.

    1. It's worth a try...but when I do, you can be sure I will be careful. Don't want to end up in an argument with security or the police. That could ruin a good day.


  2. You know, Mandy, I'm no longer surprised that you get treated like a lady all the time. And it's so good that you have a supportive and understanding wife. Your travels are always uplifting. Sue x

    1. Hi Sue,

      Glad you enjoy my posts...I enjoy yours as well!

      My wife still isn't comfortable with me in full female dress, but the androgynous stuff seems to work. And I'm glad that she's ok with us being interpreted as two ladies. (But she's the pretty one...)