Monday, December 26, 2016

New Nails...

It was time for a trip to the nail salon, to have a fill done on my nails.  Several of them had some damage and/or the acrylic was separating.   My tech inspected them, removed the bad ones, and gave me a complete nail make-over.   That included a new color..."It's time you got a new color - and today's your day.  It's still a neutral color, so it will go with anything.  But I think you'll be much happier with nails that are more feminine, and very noticeable.  Girls will love it, and you'll find yourself getting compliments on your nails."

She was right.  I love them!

And I'd better...because they stand out whenever I use my hands...there is no practical way to keep them hidden.   Anything I do involving my hands puts them on display.  The girls at the beauty salon had good things to say - as did one of the grocery store clerks.  My wife has been fairly quiet about them...though I did hear a comment that "your nails are a lot prettier than X's."  (She's a hostess at one of the home shopping channels.)   And I'll take that as a compliment!

I recently bought a new camera...the first one (brand X we'll say, it shall remain nameless) didn't take nearly as good pictures as the one I was replacing.   I checked by taking a picture of a subject with the old one (when it decided to work right) and then taking the same picture with the new one.   It's disappointing when a new purchase doesn't work as well as the one it's replacing.

So I headed back to the big box store where I bought it, and went to the customer service desk.   I was in my usual androgynous presentation...see below.  (This was taken just before a lunchtime meet-up with a business acquaintance, and is about as masculine as I can appear. But he knows what I look issues.)

(Taken before a lunchtime meet-up with a business acquaintance,.  It's about as masculine as I can appear. But he knows what I look issues.)

"May I help you, Ma'am?"  I explained that I wanted to return the camera - I added that it works, but doesn't take as good pictures as the old one.  He asked if I wanted to exchange it for the same model camera, or a different one.    I handed him a picture of a different brand and model from their website.

He called the camera department, said that there was a lady who wants to get a "insert brand and model here" camera and asked if they had one.  They did, and he said "Just a moment, Ma'am, I'll go get it."  When he returned, he made the adjustment to my credit card, handed me the package and receipts, and said, "Have a happy holiday, Ma'am." I wished the same for him, and was done.

Quick and painless...the new one takes better pictures than the old one...    And the "checker" at the door, said:  Have a wonderful holiday, Ma'am."

The business acquaintance (from the lunch meeting mentioned above) knows of my sartorial style.  And he has never said a word about it..."it is what it is."  The server got a bit confused and just addressed him as "Sir."  No gender specific forms of address for me!

And that's fine...better "none" than "Sir."

More later...



  1. It is starting to seem a bit tepid for you to be out and about in your basic attire and presentation and folks are comfortable with the female pronouns.
    Merry Christmas.
    I really like your nails. I have not even had the chance to do my toe nails yet. I have been dealing with heel spurs and will be back at the podiatrist this week. He has his wife working with him now that she retired as the music teacher where both of my sons went to school and she always asks about my sons. she also knows my wife from the school days so showing up with painted toes would be pushing things a bit far.

    1. You're right, I'm in my slow period. Happens every year. That fact will appear in an upcoming post. I wish things were otherwise, but "it is what it is." I have to deal with it.

      Hope you had a good Christmas. Ours was quiet, no kids around. But we did get to watch the baby open her presents Christmas morning, courtesy of Facetime. Love it! One of my few concessions to the "age of technology."

      Gotta say you just sort of melt when the baby (750+ miles away) looks over at the computer where she sees our faces and recognizes what she sees, comes over to it, and kisses the screen. Instant melt!

      Yes, I agree, gotta keep the paint off those toes till you're doctoring less often. Remember, though all those appointments, getting old is HE**, but it sure beats the alternative!

      Happy New Year!


  2. I do like your nails, Mandy. Things seem to be going well. Just want to wish you a very happy 2017, and thank you for your kind support this year past. Sue x

    1. Thanks, Sue!

      I will be watching to see how your year goes, and wishing you all the best for the new year!

      Meanwhile, thanks for reading my blog!