Monday, November 23, 2015

With apologies to Bobby Freeman...

"Betty Lou got a new pair of shoes!"

Finally some cute white flats to wear with my light capris over the summer.  I've wanted to buy some for a long time, but never wanted to spend a lot of money.  Found these for $5 on end-of-season sale at a Payless...and couldn't resist. 

The fit is far from perfect, and they're not as comfortable as my ballerina flats from long ago (that still work nicely) but on the other hand, I won't get to wear them a lot.  Mainly because my wife has always insisted that "Men don't wear white shoes."  I guess she overlooks the minor issue that we're often greeted and treated as "ladies" when we're out together.  Apparently she views that as insufficient reason for me to "get with the women's program" for white shoes to match a white-based  summer outfit.  No problem...I'll just wear them when she's not with me.

Recently we celebrated our anniversary...and that meant going out for dinner.  The place wasn't fancy.  She wore jeans, a blouse and sneakers, with a jacket.  And no purse, as I was paying.  As for me, capris with a top, pantyhose, and my black ballet flats, with my usual necklace and purse, plus the other accoutrements.  From the moment we went through the front door, throughout our whole meal, we were "ladies."  They asked if we wanted one check or two - and placed the one check between us, as is customary for women dining together.  And they made sure to say "Goodnight, ladies" as we left...   Not sure if they were blind, or just well-trained, but it sure was affirming!

I heard nary a peep about usual.

As we were out and about yesterday, she mentioned that capri weather is about over for the season, which is why she wore jeans.  I agreed, but said there still are a few women wearing them, and that with my pantyhose, they still aren't too cold.   "Just wait a few days, and you probably will put them away, too."  But that was yesterday, and today she's right.  I'm about done with them for the season.  It IS getting too cold.

They'll keep till next spring...

More later...



  1. Mandy.

    If your wife insists that 'Men do not where white shoes' you ought to visit the south east coast of Florida. The white shoes tend to match the white belts.
    I think that the shoes look nice.

    I think that our wives need to feel comfortable with what we wear when. I think that we have both seen slow acceptance from our wives. My suggestion is that for the next few weeks you should wear your white shoes and pantyhose around the house daily and tell your wife that they are a tad uncomfortable and that they need a little breaking in. After a week or two of regular wear around the house modify your rationale by telling her that they 'broke in' great and are now your most comfortable flats. Then continue to wear them around the house like slippers or anyone's every day casual comfort shoes. If you have to run out for an errand you may forget to change out of them since they are so comfortable. I suspect that by the Spring she may be so accustomed to seeing those shoes on you that the fact that they are white will not raise an eyebrow.

    1. Pat,

      Betcha the story will change to "Men don't wear white ballet flats" when I eventually try it.

      I like your suggestion! But that won't happen till later this winter. With the holidays and a convention trip upcoming, that isn't likely to happen till afterward.


    2. You may want to check out It is a rarely updated bolg from a guy in Arizona who has a great collection of Tory Burch Ballet flats

    3. Thanks! He certainly does have a ton of yummy flats! I should be so lucky...


  2. The shoes look absolutely great with your legs and capris. I guess white sneakers on guys are exempt from the no white shoes rule? :-)

    Pat's suggestions sound pretty good - I hope you keep making progress with your wife.

    And congratulations on your anniversary! If the restaurant would have known (maybe they did?) I wonder what they would have thought of two ladies out celebrating their anniversary?

  3. Hi Jen,

    Appreciate the compliment, girlfriend.

    I really like how they look on me, and hopefully by next summer will be able to wear them out and about. I'm planning to try some version of Pat's suggestion starting in February. That should give plenty of time... The only concern I have about appearance is that they show off some "toe cleavage" (not sure how much or on how many toes, as I've only tried them with pantyhose.)

    One of these days, I'll check them out (no rush, as they're white, and quite out of season here.) Part of me wants them to display lots of toe cleavage - it's a feminine thing. But, with or without toe cleavage, they probably will never be interpreted as men's shoes. I hope that once I'm used to wearing them daily, they'll be my only shoes on some of our summertime day (or one or two overnight) trips. That would be fun (and very girly.)

    Speaking of white sneakers - my wife didn't (and still doesn't) like those on me either (they're women's.) But she tolerates them occasionally...

    Thanks on the anniversary wishes.

    No, the restaurant staff didn't know it was our anniversary. I suspect my wife intentionally said nothing, so that she didn't have to admit her husband dresses and looks like a girl. My guess is that if they thought we were two women celebrating an anniversary, we'd have been the talk of the kitchen, and staffers would have walked by to check us out. I've had that happen...but fortunately, not recently.