Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Quickie...

Remember, don't eat too much Turkey!

I'll leave you with this peaceful sunset scene from Siesta Key, Florida...



  1. Mandy
    Enjoy the bird.
    THe boys are coming in for Thanksgiving so all evidence of dressing is stashed.
    That is a great shot of Siesta Beach. The sand on that beach is the best I have ever experienced. It is so smooth and somehow it stays cool.
    Take care.

    Yesterday I picked up the new Mustang. It is an example of the engineers mantra that if something works well it does not have enough features. I have had Mustangs going back to 1968. I wish I still had that one. Recently I had a 2000 rag top which I loved followed by a 2006 rag top which was traded in for the 2016 rag. I am glad the boys will be home for the holiday since I would never be able to figure out all the bells and whistles. Keep good car of your old classic.

    1. Thanks, Pat! Sounds like a full house for you this turkey day. Will be just the 2 of us here...though I'll have to go see Mom in the morning...

      Congrats on the new 'Stang. They do look nice... Yes, I plan to take care of the antique - for a long time to come!