Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Oh my.. The "dry time" is here...

We're into my annual "dry time," or "dressing desert."  That's the period of time each year, when opportunities for Mandy to peer out of the closet and into the real world are few and far between.  This dry time often lasts till April or May and the car show season gets under way.   During this period, I simply get to enjoy all your adventures, while maintaining my androgynous mode.

This coming year, however, may provide a brief respite - in January I'm planning to a conference out west.  There, I'll be with folks who know me, and will be my own androgynous self.  However, on the way home, I'm planning a detour which will allow a short layover in California, and provide a chance to kick the door off the closet for some skirt time - a "girlcation," as it were.  We'll see how well those plans develop...anything can happen at this point.

Since the Director at the nursing home saw my pictures last week, I've seen her twice in passing...  Both times she was very friendly, and addressed me by my first name.  It's a nice touch, and if it continues, I'll be fine with it, happy even.  And the female staff is now addressing me by my first name.   Seems like perhaps, in their eyes, I've moved over to their side of the aisle...and it's OK by me...that's where I prefer to be!

One of the ladies who eats lunch with Mom hadn't seen my outfit, so last week I took out the computer and showed her...she told me "that's a pretty girl."  She was surprised that it was me...and said I looked very nice.

Strangely enough, all these interactions with people are helping me feel more comfortable being myself.  I believe they'll be a big assistance,  during  my "girlcation" in January!

And, as I was exiting the post office recently, a man held the door for me.  No issues, no strange looks.  "There you go, Ma'am."  "Thank you, sir!"

We're visiting our son in Tennessee for the holiday...so there will be lots more later.  Meanwhile, I leave you with this beautiful  sunset...once again, from the Chesapeake Bay region...

Happy Turkey Day!



  1. Our dressing times are on different cycles. It is the winter when I can dress on more frequent occasions. The night starts earlier and I can close the shades and have some privacy. Also the heat of the summer makes dressing the way I like to dress a bit too warm. In warm weather I am busy almost all day every weekend day. In winter I can dress around the house and hope to do some with some regularity.

    We jsut made our autotrain plans for two weeks in Florida in late January. I think I will wait until after Christmas to start hinting to my wife about my desire to go on the autotrain dressed as a woman. She may humor me but I am sure she will balk at game time.

    You can get out and about while dressed since with your own long hair and your great nails you give off an aura and appearance that is not masculine. Keep it up and you will do fine. It is just a question of your wife slowly getting used to the concept.

    Having the ladies at the home becomeing comfortable with your regular girl based name rather than Mr......is a good thing.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.


    1. Just wanted you to know we're at our son's for the holiday. Will answer when I can...

    2. Hi Pat,

      Early (before things start to happen here at our son's in Tennessee) is about my only time to write a few words...hope you have a fabulous Turkey Day!

      Yes, we're on different cycles. I would love to be able to dress more over the winter...but alas, that is not to be. Due to my wife's NMH syndrome, I'm stuck with the warmer weather. The only reason that works...is that I don't use a wig!

      I hope this is the year that you get to dress on Auto Train. Good luck with that endeavory...my fingers are crossed for you!

      Gotta run, folks are waking up and the crowd will be down soon....have a wonderful holiday. And don't eat too much turkey!


  2. Let me know what week in January you'll be free. We have a Major scheduled for Jan 16th through the 18th at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana. If you want to spectate just let me know, and I'll get you in, just email me.

    1. Just wanted both of you to know we're at our son's for the holiday. Will answer when I can...

    2. Hope you're having a wonderful Turkey Day... Before things start to happen here in Tennessee is my best time to write a few words...

      Wow, what a wonderful offer! Sounds like a lot of fun! Unfortunately, I will only be in SoCal for a short time at the end of January...and much of that is spoken for.

      But, can I get a "raincheck" for the next time I'm there?



    3. Hey Mandy,
      Any time you're out here let me know. So-Cal is so large that I understand. Feel free to e-mail me if anything changes or something opens up.

      T-day was great. I hope you're was equally good as well, and safe journey's home.

    4. Will do, J.Alana!

      And yes, ours was wonderful. But getting here was lots of fun, too. I'll post about that soon...