Friday, June 6, 2014

More good days...

Tuesday), I wore my white sandals, white capris and a black sleeveless top when I went to visit Mom.  And on the way in, one of the staffers (female) commented:  "Look at you, sweetie, rocking those cute capris - I have a couple pairs just like I'll start wearing them here, and we can look like twins!  Oh, by the way, I like your sandals too.   They're great with your capris!"  I told her I'd wear some "white capris again Thursday - maybe with a dark blue blouse, so if we happen to meet up here in the hall dressed alike, let's just have some fun - and parade down the hall for everyone, arm in arm, as twins!"  Her response - "I love that idea...if we can make it happen."

On the way home, I stopped at the hardware store and as usual, got great a woman.  It's as wonderful to get attentive, quality service as it is to be dressed in feminine attire in order to get it.

Things like this are happening more often, and I'm lovin' it.  However, there is a note of caution in the air...  As my own femininity increases, I'm noticing a subtle increase in my wife's femininity as well.  Her blouses have more feminine patterns, and jeans have fallen out of favor.  Now she wears the leggings with an attached skirt, or skorts themselves - particularly the ones which look like a skirt all the way around.  It's not a problem for me...I prefer to see skirts on women, even if they're really skorts.  But I wonder if this is a sign of trouble to come.  Will this become an issue down the road? Don't know.

But I'm still planning my out of town visits for later this summer, and I definitely will get some skirt time.  Plus, I'm looking forward to the solo trip to LA early next year.   That will be good for even more skirt time - if I can carry enough skirts and tops!

Sorry - no pictures this time!


  1. Huzzah! Sounds like an awesome experience!

    So glad that you are having such acceptance!


    1. Thanks, Jen!

      I had no idea that folks would be so accepting. One of these days, I'm going to have to think about my trip to LA and how much I'll be able to dress.

      But that's a task for another day. Tomorrow, we're leaving town for a couple days of R&R in western Maryland.

      More later...


  2. I think it is great that you can coordiante your outfits with the staffer at the home. To be wearing similar outfits should be affirming and confirming.

    I think that it is great that you wife is starting to feminize her appearance. If I were you I would take every chance to compliment her on her blouses or her skirts with leggings or skorts. You may even let a bit of an tone of envy slip into your compliments to let her know that you not only like what she has selected to wear but that you would like to be able to wear a flowery blouse or a skirt with leggings or a skort. At some point she may even like the idea of going out with you wearing matching or complimenting blouses, skirts, leggings or skorts.

    My wife used to wear skorts and I thought they looked good on her. I need to figure out if I can work a pair into my wardrobe.


  3. Unfortunately that Thursday our paths didn't cross, so I don't know if we actually wore the same outfits. :-( But I'm hopeful that we manage a few times in the future!

    Good suggestion on the compliments for my wife. I'm not sure if she would appreciate it, or see it as an unfulfilled desire on my own part. But till I try, I'll never know!