Wednesday, March 6, 2013

OMG - someone must have lost their credit card

In addition to the medical issues the better half suffered recently, I've ended up with a few of my own.

One of the issues I was dealing with, was that I was told I needed a follow up for osteoporosis due to some recent height loss.  Back in '06 after a broken toe, I was told I'd better be checked in the future -  they told me I was borderline for osteoporosis.  So I was sent in for Dexa testing at a nearby center a week ago Monday.  (That's the Bone Density Test for Osteoporosis.) 

I was dressed androgynously as usual  for the visit - stirrup pants, nylons, ballerinas and a women's sweater, with my purse).  No issues in the waiting room.  No pronouns of either gender, either!

The radiologist (or whatever title she officially had) didn't miss a was "Ms" this and "Ms" that, and we even got into some girl talk while the machine was running.  "I don't know how you felt when you went through it, but I've gained so much weight and have so many hot flashes, it's just discouraging."  I commented that we all have to put up with it, but "I sure don't enjoy the spare tires I picked up and can't lose...I feel sort of like the Michelin man on TV looks."  That got a laugh out of her and she grabbed her own "spare tire," agreeing that "all of us hate looking like this!"

I don't know if she ultimately determined my gender from the info or scans that were showing up on the screen, but if she discovered my little secret, she never switched to "Sir."  And that was really appreciated - I'd rather be addressed as "Ma'am" instead of "Sir" any day...

Mom has a severe case of osteoporosis.  Fortunately, it turned out that I don't - my numbers have actually improved since ' my loss of height is from normal aging.  But it keeps life busy dealing with these types of issues...Mother's, and now my own.  Guess that happens when you get old.  Wouldn't it be nice if all it took to stop the aging process was to wear a cute little mini-skirt?

Sunday I arrived for my regular visit with my mother at the nursing home.  Something - I'll never know what - made me back the car into a parking place.  When I opened the door and stepped out, what was it that was on the ground by my ballerina-shod foot? A woman's current and valid red and white BankAmericard.  If I had pulled into the parking place, I'd have missed it. 

I thought to myself: "OMG - someone must have lost their credit card."   So I immediately picked it up and took it to the front desk. That's my the right thing.  They said they'd get it to the owner.   The regular staff all knows me, so even if the clerk at the desk that Sunday didn't, a description of "the long-haired guy who looks like a girl" would be enough to identify me.  I don't know for sure if it was returned to the lady, and was quite surprised that the owner didn't relay a "thanks" message back through the chain of command.  I certainly would, if someone found my lost credit card...

Regardless of whatever may have happened, at least my own conscience is clear...and the lady's card was rescued from the parking lot by someone intent on doing the right thing.  From there, the process was up to someone else.

The following has absolutely nothing to do with gender or my attire...

Found a couple of old pictures in some papers from Mom's house and couldn't resist inserting them here - two good shots (vintage 1959) of a fabulous airplane, truly the only way to fly...a Lockheed L1049 Super G Constellation.  Four Wright piston engines, 49 to 106 seats depending on the usage, a speed of from 340 to 377 mph, range of nearly 5400 miles, and service ceiling of 25,700 ft.

Just like nowadays, they built stretched airplanes (the Super G model was one of them) back in the day...and those wobbly steps were half the fun of the trip (trip - on the steps?  Get it?  Bad pun...sorry)!  No wimpy jetways for yesterday's intrepid travelers!  There are some great You-Tube videos (not mine) of these planes...if you have any interest in aviation, it's worth checking them out.

 This was the only way to and comfortable, with no middle seats to worry about, and stewardesses (NOT flight attendants) to address you by name and make your trip pleasant (gone are the days.)  No security lines with backscatter x-ray machines ("assume the position, please,") metal detectors, or legalized groping.  Simply luxury, and just plain fun.  I had a number of journeys in them as a kid.  And now the airplanes, as well as the airline, are gone. Anyone else remember those "good old days"?

Yesterday a package arrived in the mail for me, and I opened it, very curious as to the content.

I was surprised to find another pair of ballerinas in my size.  They're the same style as the ones I already wear, but these are a pretty croco-pattern, and they're made of shiny black patent leather.  Wow!  It's this girl's first-ever pair of patent shoes, and I love them!  They, like my other ballerinas, feel good and I know I'll spend lots of time wearing them.

The better half mentioned a while back, that she wanted to see me with some shoes more suited for dressy occasions.  So she made it happen.  "You'll look wonderful wearing your new black patent ballerinas with black stirrups over nude pantyhose, a white or red turtleneck blouse, black tunic cardigan and your French-manicured hands carrying your matching black patent purse.  They'll be  fabulous cool-weather outfits for you.  And I know you're going to spend lots of time in your new ballerinas - they'll work with so many other outfits.  Like for summer, your white stirrups with a sleeveless black polo tunic, or to dress up a pair of black capri's with a pastel tank top."

Can't argue...fabulous, and feminine.  And yes, she asked me to spend the rest of the day in them.  How could I refuse?

So far in this winter weather event today, we've escaped the snow here in the Mid-Atlantic. It's much too warm - east winds are bringing in warmer ocean air.  (We're a bit over an hour from the coast.)  And that's a good thing.  Nobody here wants a big snow storm - well, almost nobody!  A few die-hard skiers would enjoy it.  But they can drive out to the ski resorts like Seven Springs, Wisp, and the others...there was more snow out in the mountains.

Bet the grocers loved the hype of this storm...people were flooding the stores to load up on essentials...around these parts, it's "milk, bread and toilet paper."   Well, I guess toilet paper IS an essential...but why would someone wait for a snowstorm to buy it, if they need it?

Oh, well...another of life's imponderables.  Till next time...


  1. It is always good to do the right thing.
    It is always special when your wife buys you a girl gift.
    My wife recognizes that I like to dress but she does not want anyone else to know this about me. She has a concern that when the kids stop home tht they will see my wardrobe so yesterday we went shopping and she bought me two garment bags to storm my dresses.
    To me this was a nice affirming gesture.

  2. Thanks for the comment - I always try to do the right thing! (And girl gifts are always good, from the wife, or even if we buy them for ourselves!)

    I understand your wife's concern about the kids. That was a very creative solution to the dilemma! Hopefully as time goes on, your situation will be able to improve!