Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another successful visit to the Charity Shop

Recently I paid another visit to the Charity Shop - I'm always looking for some new pretty things.  And as you can tell from my hair, I got seriously wind-blown in the process.  We have lots of wind around here lately.

While there, I found this colorful top and decent longer denim skirt, as always with reasonable prices.  Since a couple of opportunities to be fully femme will be coming along in the next few months, I want to look as nice as possible, and thought these might be able to be part of it.

The hem on this skirt has an issue of being folded over on the front - it won't stay "down."  (For under $2, you generally can't expect, and often don't get, total perfection.) I've tried ironing, but it didn't help.  It's a long time since I've been to my favorite seamstress's shop...she knows about me, and 's a big supporter.  So, I'll have to stop in for a visit.  I should be able to have her shorten my skirt by no more than an inch and re-hem it, at a reasonable price.  That would eliminate the flip-up hem problem, and preserve the walking slit in back...

And here's a close-up of my new patent leather ballerinas, the ones I mentioned in my previous blog.  That patent shine gives them a definitely feminine touch, and the best part is, that they're as comfortable as my others. They'll look nice, regardless of what I'm wearing...

One thing I'd still love to locate is a pair of ballerinas with the little string bows on the vamps.  I've tried several pairs, both mail order and in person.   So far, none have fit - but in size 12, it's not surprising.  The ones I have now are the exception, and they fit nicely.  Maybe that's why she got me 3 pairs...and I can live without the string bows.

Once again, I find that this skirt, like my others,  provides something unavailable in my capris and stirrup pants...two pockets.   Yes, they're small, but perfect for a credit card, a $20 bill, and a car and hotel room key when traveling. It's a nice touch, indeed - and a subtle, but satisfying, reward for wearing a skirt.

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