Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pedicure time again...

Time for my pedicure...since the edges of the polish on my big toes was finally starting to crack and snag my pantyhose.   The pedicure tech was glad to see me - "I figured you'd be back soon!  Six and a half weeks is very good for a shellac pedi."

"Now you'll get to see how we take the shellac off, and why you need to do it at a salon."  After a few minutes in the foot spa, she dried me off, and prepared 10 pieces of aluminum foil and pieces of cotton.  After moistening each piece of cotton with a remover (which smelled a lot like acetone), she put it on a toe, and wrapped the toe with aluminum foil.  Once all of mine were wrapped, she went to the next girl (who had been prepared before me) and started to clean her shellac off, by scraping and then pushing back the cuticles.  Then she shaped her nails and gave them a light sanding with the nail block.   Took her about 10-12 minutes, then she came back and did the same thing on my toes,
cutting them down as short as possible.  With a big smile, she said "maybe in March I'll start letting those toe nail grow nice and long, like Judy has done with your fingers.  That way,  as spring turns into summer, you'll find your flats becoming a bit uncomfortable and you'll begin to spend most of your time in one of the many pretty styles of sandals."  "I'm not sure that'll be quite such a good idea, but we'll see" was my response.

After the rest of the pedicure (massage, etc.) she moved me to a regular chair at a polish station.  There she applied a base coat, 2 coats of polish and a top coat, all with short cycles under a timed UV light.  When that was done, I heard "OK sweetie, you can put your flats back on - you're ready to go!"

It really feels strange to put shoes on over freshly-painted toes, but with shellac, there's no damage to my polish!  And I just couldn't resist putting on a pair of sandals under my housedress, to check out how they look:

Silver polish adds a feminine touch, don't you think?

Now we just need to get some warm weather....

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