Monday, January 28, 2013

"I love it when a plan comes together!"

The better half and I recently attended a Conference in upstate New York, where literally everyone attending knows us.  (Sorry, no pictures this time.)   Since I had only nude pantyhose as legwear with my stirrups, denim leggings and flats, the better half lent me a couple pairs of her dark trouser socks to wear over my pantyhose for the three days of meetings and activities.

Enroute by train in both directions, restrooms were all unisex, so there were no issues.  We sat in the first class lounge at New York's Penn Station, as neither of us wanted to spend much time out with the masses during flu season.  Whenever I needed to use the restroom, the first class lounge was almost empty, as the ebb and flow of people occurred  between departing trains!  I used the men's room, but it was vacant, so there were no problems.

I used the Conference area's men's room routinely, with no issues.  For outside activities (yes, it was cold) I wore my women's ankle boots with no issue. I talked with most all the attendees at one point or another, and nothing at all was said about my attire (at least nothing that I've caught wind of.)

Other than during the Conference itself, I seldom-if-ever heard the dreaded "sir."  I got a few "no pronouns" greetings, and some smiles, but by and large, we were generally addressed as "ladies."  Going both directions, we darted out of the first class lounge for a few minutes to get meals at a restaurant in Penn Station.

There, the waiter gave us a new variation - "you girls" - as in, "what can I get you girls for dinner?"
Not sure why the better half said it to the waiter, but she pointed out that "My husband suggested I have some soup with dinner...."  The waiter took her order and didn't miss a beat...presuming that her husband was somewhere else.  He turned to me for my order - "and you, Miss?"   Train conductors helped us put our bags on and off the trains where there aren't high platforms - "let me help you with that, Miss."  And at various times enroute, men were holding the door for both of us.  It's fun to be a girl!

In closing, to quote Hannibal Smith, leader of the "A-Team"  (for those not old enough to remember, it was a series on the telly from '83 to '87),  - "I love it when a plan comes together!"

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