Wednesday, January 18, 2023


About 9 months ago, we moved south to TN, to be closer to our son and grandkids.  So the sandals and capris work almost to Christmas!  And everyone’s fine with it, as they are with me in comfortable house-dresses and bare feet around the house and yard.


I now wear only shorts (hot weather), capris, and stirrup or traditional leggings.  No more regular pants. And am lovin’ it!   (No wonder Wifey and I are almost always addressed as two women.)  But still - no skirts or dresses allowed in public.


Since the pandemic set in about the same time as all the above, there haven’t been any solo trips (though I’m planning a couple in the future.)  And we’ve had only a couple recent trip together, and with my leggings and ballet flats, pink nails, long hair, purse and so on.


We had no trouble being addressed as a woman most of the time.  Wifey’s become somewhat tolerant of it…







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