Sunday, November 5, 2017

My favorite secluded spot...and my new skirt

There are a ton of places like this on the Delmarva...secluded, without much human activity, and very picturesque.   I found this inlet a couple miles off Rt 50 in Maryland.  There are no occupied houses nearby, and the only sign of human activity is a seldom-used dock with boat launch ramp.  During my visits,  there was never anybody around.  The sounds of tiny waves lapping the shore, wind, birds singing and fish jumping are the only things you hear!  Can't even hear the trucks out on US-50.

A great little place for a few minutes of relaxation...pity I can't get here more than a few times a year!

The water doesn't look to be very deep, which may be the reason I never see any boating activity here (despite the dock.)   But this bird (a crane?) went fishing after the shutter clicked, so there must be plenty for birds to eat in those waters....
Picked my skirt up for a song ($9)  at one of the p[us-size shops on line.  It seems to fit well, and as far as I can tell, it's in line with the current style. 

I can't wait for a chance to wear it out and about...and I was hoping to wear it on my normal annual antique show and sale trip.   But due to circumstances beyond my control, it simply didn't happen the first night...I only had time for these pictures.   And things don't look so good for the other nights...oh, well.



  1. Mandy:

    Your skirt looks great - perfect going into fall weather. I hope you get out to wear it soon.

    The bird is a Great Blue Heron, a majestic bird that is often seen in shallow water along the tributaries to the Chesapeake. I am fortunate enough to have a boat on the Bay large enough to sleep on while at anchor. I've been able so spend weekends aboard as Rhonda with my wonderful wife. Sunbathing, swimming and relaxing enough femme. The quiet and solitude is indeed wonderful.


    1. Hi Rhonda,

      Thanks for the comment on my skirt. I like it too, but I'm glad to hear some confirming comments!

      Living around the Delmarva, I should have known it was a blue heron...but I'm definitely not up on my waterfowl. Thanks for the correction! Whatever it is called...the darn thing is both graceful and beautiful.

      Sounds like you really do get some quality time out and about...that's something I seem to be missing out on...due to my circumstances.

      So we may be neighbors, how wonderful! Hope to see you out and about sometime!



  2. It is always nice to get away and spend a little time with nature. Sadly, in my case, it is often on a golf course where even on Sundays it is not possible not to take the Lord's name in vain.
    I like the skirt. I think I have something similar.

    1. I used to play golf, but gave it up in one of my career changes. Of course, you realize that "If I could have exchanged my golf and bowling scores, I'd have been good at both sports!

      There's also the fact that on my last drive, on the last hole of my last game, the ball hit a cement culvert and boomeranged back at me, missing my head by inches. It was a very bad omen I couldn't overlook, even though I took a Mulligan on that drive.

      When Dad (whose clubs I had been borrowing) passed away...I sold them!

      Glad you like the skirt...