Saturday, June 10, 2017

I'm soooooo confused...

With some future joint trips beginning to appear on the calendar, my wife took exception to my wearing these sandals on them:

Now, I've been wearing them during warmer weather since I bought them back in December of 2015, and out and about with her occasionally since then.   The only reason given was "they're too girly, men don't wear white shoes."  Apparently it's OK if I wear them around town, in her presence, or when I'm traveling alone.  

So - I will wear them when I can! They're too comfortable to give up!

Interestingly, my shorts (below) have been around for years.  The inseam is 3", so they qualify as "short shorts."  When I sit down, my legs are very much on display - there's no possible way to hide them.   And I've worn them in her presence.  

So far, not a peep!  (I'm not arguing, mind you!)  But to me, the sandals don't seem quite as feminine as my shorts which, being dark, might even be mistaken for a short skirt...

C'est la Vie!



  1. Such is life around a cis woman, I have the same issues with Liz (my partner) on certain items I try to wear. When I see her or plenty of other women wearing close to, or exactly the same thing!

    1. Isn't it fun to point "same outfit or same piece of clothing" out? Once my wife and I both put on red tops and white shorts for a day out together.

      She changed. LOL!


  2. I like the outfit and I agree that the black shorts do look like a short skirt. Have you worn them with pantyhose?
    I also think that the skirt would look better with the white sandals than they do with the black clogs.
    Since your wife has a point that men generally do not wear white shoes (except in Florida), you may go and get a pair of tan or nude sandals.
    Good luck.

    1. Hi Pat,

      1. Yes, have worn with pantyhose. But in 95 degree weather (like today), the women (who leave them home) may have the right idea!!!!

      2. Interesting thought...white below black...may try that!

      3. That style sandal has been discontinued, and I do have a brown pair...but strangely, they fit differently than the white ones - less stable, and less comfortable. I can wear the white ones all day, and never turn an ankle. Not so the brown ones. Maybe 2 or 3 hours max.

      I'm looking for something tan "that she won't resist." That's a tall order.

      Thanks on the luck wishes...I need all of that I can get!