Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another day, another "Ma'am" and Face-It Photos

It comes in cycles...

At an airport car show last weekend out-of-state, I found myself addressed as "Ma'am" when I got there, both at the gate where I drove in, and at the registration table.  Naturally, I was wearing my usual feminine capri outfit and sandals with light makeup, a bit less feminine than a skirt, but since I might have met people I know, leaving the skirt at home was a necessity. (Though I'd have preferred to be wearing one.)  And as the day went on, nobody seemed to pay me any the usual smiles and "hi's" from the women, and men basically ignored me.

For those wondering about my car, here is a picture...of both me and the car...and the airplane I was parked by...

On the two occasions I had to use a restroom, I couldn't risk using the women's, since both men's and women's were a multi-stall type.  In addition, the heat had early-on caused my makeup to expire, and I didn't know about the restroom laws in that state.  So, the path of least resistance was to use the Men's room.  There was an exhibit near the rest rooms, so I just waited till the men had all left before going in.  So, there was nobody to challenge me, and thus no issue.

Unfortunately, that show seemed to be a "good old boys event" and there were very few newcomers - so, no trophy for my car.  But it was a fun show anyway!  Might even go back next summer...

Today, I had to visit the bank.  It was a new clerk, but she addressed me with feminine pronouns, and says she remembers me from "last time."  I don't think so, because it was my first visit to this branch.  But I went along with her...maybe she worked for the other branch?  But she gets high marks for addressing me in the gender which I was presenting!

I always enjoy sitting out front of the nursing home with my mother, both of us enjoying the time together outside, with everyone addressing us as "ladies."  She has never commented on it, so I'm not sure if that means she didn't hear them, or if she's OK with it.  But I always look girly when I visit, so she may be used to it.

On to another

In TxKimberly's blog, she mentioned that she had some creative picture work done by a lady at Face-It Photos and the work was good, at a reasonable cost.  She takes some pictures you provide, and inserts your likeness into various other pictures.  So I decided to give it a try and see how I look.  Below is some of Amy's handiwork...  

If I put my forms on, and had this cute little number to wear, this could be me "in its entirety".    The right weight, leg and arm size, perfect!   And just now realized I really like how I look in pink!

The above is a great picture...just wish that my waist and arms were that small!  The outfit is cute, and very feminine.

 How could Amy have possibly known that I'm contemplating this as a possible future hair style???

If I put on a feminine bathing suit, the above could be me...Amy definitely got my current hair style just perfect!

And this may end up being my future's fabulous! I'd simply adore having that much cleavage to deal with every day, and must admit I never thought I'd look good with curly hair!  You never know until you try...

This was a fun experience...  If you're interested in her email address to make your own arrangements,  just email me!  I'm sure Amy at Face-It Photos would be glad to help you, too!

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