Thursday, February 1, 2018

Time for Nails...and shoes

A segue to "back home"...will continue with my narrative as soon as possible! (Still writing it...)

While catching up on the "honey-do" list from my recent excursion, and in between working on the final posts from it, I realized that my nails were in serious need of attention.   My foot had been jammed into a chair leg on the trip, and I bruised a couple of toe nails, which were becoming discolored.  And further damaged the cracked nail I have been dealing with for a long time.  Plus, my fingers were in desperate need of a fill...

First job was to get my toes done...  The tech confirmed that I had bruised the discolored toes, and suggested that she put a color on them.  I had showed my wife the issue before the appointment, suspecting that might be the proper approach.  And I told her to not be surprised if I come home with a color of some sort on my toes.  She didn't say anything...neither approval or disapproval.

My nail tech suggested a wine color or deep red, but I went "thumbs down."  Not that I wouldn't love to enjoy red nails for the foreseeable future, it's just that I could predict likely problems at home over it, particularly as spring approaches.  So the tech handed me a basket of their color samples...all sorts of colors. I was in heaven, just like a girl, trying to separate what I "should wear" - nondescript colors - from what "I'd love to wear"- reds, oranges, and wine colors.   So little time,, so many choices...while she worked on my feet.   But all too soon, she was done and it was time to "fish or cut bait."   They didn't have any opaque pinks which precisely matched my skin color.   So, my choice was easy...a light pink, which could be mistaken for white.   There were 3 different samples and she thought this covered the ailing nails the best.

So now, I will be sporting these noticeable toe nails for a while, and there were fortunately no issues at home.  Yet.  But it isn't sandal season.  Yet.  (I do have one pair of sandals which mostly coves my toes. In case of issues, those will be my safety valve.)   And the new color on my toes doesn't look all that much different from the translucent pink on my fingers.

I've tried on my high heels recently, and realized how tight they are, while my heels still slip out of the shoes with every step.  I can't wear them for more than an hour or so.  And that precludes taking them on any excursion where space is at a premium (i.e. most of them.)   The other day I ordered a pair of low heel pumps, hoping that finally I could end up with a pair of heels which could be worn for longer periods...and they finally arrived.

Following is what they look like:

Sorry about the black tights under the stirrup pants...but with the above two other pix, you can get the idea of what they look like.  (No, they're not loafers - despite the fact they look like it here.  I'll post more pix when I get the chance.)

I'm still wearing them around the house whenever my wife isn't here...the toe box is a bit tight, but the bright side is:  they stay on.  Though the jury is still out, I suspect they'll be a keeper...and my old high heels will go bye bye.  I don't have a lot of storage space!

Now back to work on the final trip episodes...



  1. I like the treatment of your nails. I think that the toes are neat and clean looking while clearly polished and, of course, you always keep your finger nails nice.

    I am about ready for another mani-pedi. We are in Florida only until Sunday. Perhaps Saturday if we have nothing else to do I can try to get to a nail salon, if not I will find time for a visit when I get home next week.

    The shoes should work with most of your outfits. I hope they are comfortable.

    1. The jury is still out on the new shoes...haven't tried them again in a couple of days. Keep your fingers crossed...

      I hope you can get a mani-pedi down there. Will your wife let you have polish on the way home? Maybe clear? We can hope so...

      Have a safe and enjoyable trip least there's no blizzard this time!