Monday, January 29, 2018

Memphis...after the meeting.

When I checked into the a different hotel after leaving our friends, the new place's staff had a split decision on my femininity.  (I was not wearing a skirt at that point.)  Doormen addressed me as "Ma'am" but the desk clerk (who really noticed only my top half and my ID), used the dreaded S-word.  That was expected.   After reaching the room, and changing, I went back through the front desk area later, and apparently the shift had changed or folks were on break, as nobody gave me a second far, so good.

I had brought along one black,  and one red-and-black patterned skirt.  With the cold weather outside, the red one never left the suitcase.  And I made a short run outside wearing two pair of opaque black tights with the skirt. - with the wind chill down in the single digits, that was too cold - I'm just not used to my legs being so exposed.   Thus I settled on wearing heavier black stirrup pants over a pair of tights, with my black skirt and my booties.  That worked...and I have two of each color of tunic tops, so that was not an issue.

My booties were a lifesaver...yes, I had flats in my suitcase.  But the soles were smooth, and there was ice/snow everywhere.  They were very slippery - falling was a real risk.   So they got worn only once...on the way home.  I spent most of the trip wearing my booties...which hid the stirrups and made it look almost like I had on a pair of leggings.  And with the lugged soles, I had much more falls.

So, it was out to sightsee a bit, on Beale Street.  It was early morning, and the ice was still present.  But I had on my skirt, with lipstick and the rest...and was addressed as Ma'am by everyone - including a panhandler.  That never ends.  Do they get better results from harassing women?  Maybe he thinks with big purses, women have lots of money to give them?  I tried completely ignoring this one, and he gave up rather quickly.

I had been told by both a cab driver and the rental agency staff that Beale St. was safe to enjoy, but unlike Broadway in Nashville and Bourbon Street in New Orleans, the safe part only goes about 3 blocks.  So I stopped at about 2 blocks.  It was fun, and there weren't many folks out at that hour of the morning - well, except for the panhandlers.  The second one addressed me properly, too.  But I wasn't in a sympathetic mood.  The low sun angle made for some interesting pictures.

Several shopkeepers addressed me correctly, and as a result I bought a few souvenirs...

And it's probably a bit unusual to be walking on Beale St. - in frigid temperatures, with low-single-digit wind blowing up under my winter coat and snow and ice on the ground.

Though this picture doesn't really show it, sidewalks - particularly on the shady side - had many slippery spots - with only sand for traction.  (The places that were shoveled well, fared the best.  Others, not so much.)  Yes, the sun was beginning to make inroads on the ice, but I had to presume things were still slippery, and wearing my booties on this trip was definitely the correct decision, even though flats would have been more feminine!

More later...



  1. It seems like it was a fun and enjoyable trip in most regards. It is good that you had the booties for safety but I am sure you would have preferred to be out in more feminine shoes wearing only tights or pantyhose rather than stirrup pants. Perhaps you were able to dress a bit more to your style on the train ride home.

    We are in Florida for another week. My son came to join us for about 10 days and all my feminine cloths were kept in the suitcase for his entire stay. He finally left so I can do some dressing in our room and I now sit here in a blue jean skirt, tank top, bra, forms, hose and heels. We are due to take the auto train home Super Bowl Sunday and I do expect to wear this outfit during part of the ride. I think we have a family room.


    1. I did manage to switch to flats on the way home. But with the late departure hour of the City Of New Orleans at Memphis (and the temperature) being non-conducive to shedding the tights and stirrups, so I simply wore the skirt with them. No issues whatsoever. And Chicago, while less cold (not warm), still called for stirrup pants underneath. Everyplace was cold, and my skirt was one more layer of clothes...a good thing.

      I even took a chance and boarded my regular train with my skirt over my stirrups...fortunately didn't see anyone I know. But the next morning, the skirt went back into the suitcase.

      Yes, it was a fun and enjoyable trip. I wish Mandy could have seen more daylight...but that will happen more over the summer.

      Glad you are enjoying family and the warm weather down south. Arkansas and Tennessee should have been warmer, but they weren't. It is what it is.

      Your outfit sounds delightful...I hope you get to enjoy it for some of your trip home. Wave to the east (across the bay) as you pass DC going north once you leave Lorton...