Tuesday, February 20, 2018

At the Diagnostic Center

Sorry about the delay in posting...there have been some issues with Mother to deal with.   But finally the referrals to the Diagnostic Center arrived in the mail.  I called for an appointment, and those arrangements were made.

On the appointed day, it was warm enough outside that I could get a head start on spring, and go casual.  I wore a pair of gray capris, black clogs, a black turtleneck, black panties, and a blue hoodie.   Along with my usual hair, nails and purse.  No tights or pantyhose.   That outfit was easy enough to remove when requested, and comfortable enough for any casual woman.

When I arrived, I signed in using my first initial and last name.   They called me up to the check-in desk using my last name, and we did the paperwork.   They had access to my birth gender if they chose to look, but no gender specific terms were used.  When the paperwork was done, I returned to the waiting room to "wait my turn."

Only about 10 minutes later, a girl (probably thirtysomething) came out and announced "Ms. Amanda" (of course using my own given name.)  And Ma'am was used the next couple of times, but as the tests started, even that dropped off, as did conversations.   I don't know if she clocked me - tests did not include the groin area, but paperwork may have given the clue.  And then she showed me back out. 

Now I await the results of it all...

And, it was a good day...



  1. I hope that all the test came back with good news. I am still waiting for the results of my bloodwork last week to where I stand on the diabetes scale.
    A good day out and about with your presentation sounds like all went well.

    1. Yes, everything went well. Still waiting on all the results, though.

      Patience is a virtue!