Thursday, March 1, 2018

It's been too quiet around here...

Test results came back, with no major issues to follow up.  Yes, admittedly a couple of small things need attention, but all-in-all, it's not a bad report.

During our recent warm spell, I decided to break out my capris for the first time this season, on my morning visit to Mom's...and it was fun!

When I arrived at the nursing home, a gaggle of 3 women (including the Director) were standing at the reception desk, talking business.  We all exchanged pleasantries, and as I passed the entrance to the reception area (which meant they could see my capris clearly), all 3 commented to me about my outfit.   "Wow, look at you, sweetie!"  "It must be spring - you're sporting your capris!"  "Fabulous idea, hon...they're perfect for you - you look very pretty."  Then all three of them put their legs "front and center" so I could see their flats and bare ankles (the Director was in low heels - I was jealous), as they commented: "At least we got rid of our socks!  Guess we should be wearing our capris, too!   You're a great inspiration!"  We all got a chuckle out of that...

But now the weather's gone bad again...and unfortunately, none of us have worn them since!  (That warm spell sure has led to one big bunch of confused trees...which are starting to bud already.)  Yes, I do plan to oblige - once the weather breaks...

A couple days before I wanted to get my fingernails done, I stopped by the nail salon to make an appointment.  (Of course, wearing my traditional stirrup pants, tunic top, pantyhose, flats, and carrying my purse. )  The nail techs were happy to see me, and they made my appointment.  When I left the salon I walked to the food market nearby to see if they had something we'd be needing soon.

But to get there, I had to walk past a pizza joint.  I casually looked in from behind my Foster Grant's as I approached, and noticed a fiftysomething, somewhat disheveled-looking bearded man sitting alone in a window seat, staring at me as I got closer.  My sunglasses made it possible for me to watch him (by moving my eyes as I walked, without turning my head in his direction).  Once I passed him, there was a 90 degree turn in the sidewalk, with obliging store windows, and perfect lighting, to let me watch his reflection in those windows without looking in his direction - at least till I turned the next corner and disappeared completely.

Once I finished at the store, I had to retrace my steps.  And guess what, he was still sitting there, still alone, whiling away the time.   I looked his way until he noticed me, then presumably with his eyes following me (at least initially), I cut across the parking lot  and disappeared among the cars.   He was either an admirer, a hater,  a curious person, or maybe someone from my neighborhood, who thought he recognized me.  One thing for sure, I didn't recognize him.

I'll never know - and don't really care.  I'm just looking forward to getting my nails done...

And following is the finished product:

My visit to the salon the next day was uneventful.   Other than the one lady who was being finished up when I arrived, the place was "all mine."  A very quiet visit, with only the two techs.   With some extra time, my tech applied an extra coat of gel on my nails, which caused them to be quite a bit more noticeable.  She thought they looked better, and I have to agree!

Best of all, the nosy man was not sitting in the pizza shop!

I'll close with a couple of pictures from the archives:

One of our son's family pets, an "old lady kitty"...she's 9 years old.

And for ferroequinology fans:

The circa 2002 Mt. Washington Cog Railroad train - sitting at the top of Mt. Washington, NH: elevation reportedly 6,288 ft.   Nowadays, they run more diesel trains than steam.

Till later...



  1. It seems like a few good days out and about. I like the conversation about the capris. Were you wearing pantyhose under the capris.
    I also like the events with the nail salon. the nails look great.
    How did your test results come back. My diabetes numbers came down from the diabetes range into the pre-diabetes range. I still have more work to do to get to the normal range but at least the progress was in the right direction.

    1. Yes, I had a good time. Especially with the ladies at the nursing home...they seem very accepting, so that was fun!

      Thanks for the kind words about my nails. I really like the nail will be perfect to paint a french manicure over top of them. Or red...

      Glad your numbers are headed in the right direction...mine are all good. Some bone loss in the hip areas, and diverticulosis, need watching. May have to do a colonoscopy at some point. Ugh.


  2. The reactions you get to your femininity from most staff is always really encouraging. Hope spring comes soon. Sue x PS Nice nails!

    1. Thanks, hon! Yes it is both affirning and encouraging...but will it continue?