Thursday, June 8, 2017

Retail Therapy and auto repair...

Monday I stopped in a nearby thrift shop...they were well stocked, but had nothing with a full elastic waist in my skirt size.  There was one heavier sweater-weight blouse I liked, but it was a 3X and it was immense.  So that didn't work, either.  :-(

On the internet at "FullBeauty" there's a black tiered skirt at a reasonable price, just about like my tan one shown in previous pictures, which should put me back in business with a good black skirt.  If it works, I can donate away the black knee length skirt that doesn't fit quite right any more. (And they also have a top I can use.)

I just need to find a reason to order them...then hope they fit.  Retail therapy is always a good thing!

That was all before the low tire pressure light lit up on our daily driver.   When it came on two weeks ago, I checked and filled all the tires.   Since it came on again this soon, I knew there was something wrong.  Stopped at the tire store on this side of the bridge, and (wearing capris and a tunic top, with my other cues) was addressed as a woman.  "We can take care of you right away, Ma'am."  
Sure enough, there it was - a long nail embedded in the tread.   

They repaired the puncture, re-balanced the tire, and I was on my way 20 minutes later.   Sometimes being a woman can have definite advantages.   (And it was fun talking about kids with the other women in the waiting room.  Obviously they accepted me as one of them.  No men there that day!)
Good news is that the tire is still holding air today...

In response to reader Pat's earlier question about skorts, here is a picture of the one I wear occasionally:

 It's very comfortable, but unfortunately a bit dated.  Newer ones (like the ones my wife wears) are full-skirted.   I also have a denim full-skirted skort, but it came with a torn pocket seam.  I'll get "trying it on for size" and "having it repaired" on my to do list!   

Thanks, Pat, for getting me moving on this little project.

That's all for now...



  1. I like the black top with the skorts. I had some skorts that were given away. I am on the look out for some light weight skorts.

    1. Thanks! Now I just have to find a time to wear them!

  2. Yesterday I participated in a charity golf outing and we had a nice petite young lady in our group. It originally appeared that she was wearing a short full, pleated golf skirt but I later noticed that it was a full skirted lightweight skort.
    I suppose I was one of the few men with such a keen interest in skirts or skorts.

    1. Pat,

      You're probably right about being "one of the few."

      I'm trying to work my white "skirted front only: skort into an upcoming solo trip, but I have to juggle the desire to wear that with the desire to wear my denin knee length full skirt. Still working on that...