Monday, June 5, 2017

Another Journey - part 2 (final.)

Welcome back....
About halfway through our trip, I got a call from my credit card company.  Someone somewhere had hacked my credit card and was running up mail order charges on it, so it had to be cancelled and replaced.  The new card would be waiting when we get home.  We didn't want to risk using my other credit card that has the automated toll collection transponder on it (we hate to sit in lines on toll roads), so we used my wife's credit card, which had nothing else connected to it.   This was the beginning of a lot of fun (at least for me) - and confusion for the clerks at stores. 

I had to change the credit card I used to pay for our hotel reservations.  This was not a problem.  They accepted the one with my wife's name on it, from me.  I'm not sure what they were thinking when they saw the "other" female name.  My wife was always nearby, but they didn't ask to talk to her.  And the clerks said "thank you, Ma'am" as I finished with the changes.  This happened several times, till we got home. 

We went into a restaurant for dinner one night, and the twentysomething waitress was doing the "no gender-specific form of address shuffle."  I was in a stirrup pants outfit with my purse, etc..  But I wasn't disguising my voice.  When it was time to pay the bill, she asked "one check or two?"  "One, please" was my response.  When it came, I handed her the credit card in my wife's name.  The waitress returned with the credit card slip, and left the table.  My wife signed it, and when the waitress came back, I handed the signed bill back to the girl.  Who looked at it, looked at me,  then my wife, and gave us a cheery "Have a nice evening, ladies."   This happened a lot, and I loved it!

In conversation later that evening I jokingly said "I guess we're confusing a few people as to whether I'm a boy or girl."  She raised her eyebrows, and said:  "A few?  More like a lot.  Just about everyone."   She apparently took it in stride.  Amazing...but I won't read too much into it.  I don't think she's ready for me to wear skirts in public.   Someday, I hope.

While we were in Michigan, a crowned tooth broke off, way below the gum line.  A couple days ago, when I visited my dentist, he told me that it's so badly damaged, it has to be pulled.  I got an appointment for next week with the oral surgeon.  And I still need to get the daily driver aligned - it pulls to the left on the road.  It only takes a moment to end up in the opposite lane.  Not a good thing. 

Before long we plan to go visit the kids and our granddaughter. She's growing, and beginning to talk.  We're anxious to see her again!

For now, I'll leave you with a couple more pictures from the trip.   Following is one of the "mushroom houses of Charlevoix, MI":   Their style is fascinating...

A very unique design, to say the least! 
Do you enjoy an occasional beer?  "Hops" is an ingredient...  Ever wondered how they're grown?   We came across a hops farm:

 I'm told the outer fence is to keep the deer away...they like to nibble!

And lastly, a spectacular sunset from our hotel room on the trip home:

It was incredibly beautiful to watch the sky progress from flaming oranges and deep blues, into eventual darkness!  (Are those streaks in the sky "crepuscular rays?)

Another wonderful trip!

That's all for now,




  1. It seems like a great trip with some very nice things to see.
    It also seems like your wife is taking your presentation in stride if she says that in her view "Most" people take you for being female. I would surmise that with the hair, nails, purse, stirrups or capris that most of your cues are feminine and that she almost expects that you will be identified as a woman. If she sees you in a skirt more and more around the house perhaps she will not object if you take it out of the house.
    The other night I was home wearing nude pantyhose under my short PJs. My wife is so accustomed to seeing me in pantyhose around the house that when I had to run to 7-11 for some milk she said I could go like that. While I did slip some pants on over my pantyhose when I got back i took the pants off. Later she noted the hose and it occurred to her that I must have gone out that way. I suppose that since no ill befell me that she did not think it was too big a deal. Next time I will do it for real rather than have her think I did something that did not in fact happen.

    1. Good job "pushing the envelope." We all do that whenever we can...and it seems to work. I'm beginning to look for a reasonably priced kilt - which we briefly discussed after the St. Pattys parade. That got an approval.

      While I have not found one yet, I will. And I have every intention of wearing it to next year's parade, which (though she won't come along) means she will see me leave the house - and return - wearing it. Presumably if nothing happens, it will be the beginning of "pushing that envelope." And maybe wearing it to neighborhood parties at that time of year.

      Life is fun...


  2. I like the idea of the kilt. Have you given any thought to 'skorts'?

    1. Yes, I have an old style skort. It's so old that the back looks like shorts, and only the front is skirted. I've worn it a few times, and like it. The theory is very good - to help with modesty.

      I also have one in denim, but I bought it cheap ($1)with a fault (a torn pocket seam). I just haven't gotten around to trying it on lately to be sure it fits before taking it to the seamstress.

      Thanks for the suggestion/reminder. I guess I better move that to the top of the "to do" list.