Friday, June 16, 2017


While driving home through central Michigan on our last excursion, we passed through the nice little town of Grayling...

In addition to a picturesque small town train station and museum (above, but not yet open for the season), we looked down the street and found an interesting establishment.  I did a double take, then a triple take, and yes, it reads exactly as follows:

Hmmm...that COULD have a VERY kinky connotation!

But in reality, it's descriptive of one wonderful sport:  canoeing, particularly since the Au Sable River flows through town.   Their emblem (as seen on the internet) is crossed oars, or "paddles."  Since it was too early, the place wasn't open - I'd have loved to go in and hear the full story of the name, first-hand.  Of course, in capris, a blousy tee shirt and flats, with a purse, it could have been an even bigger adventure!

It would also be interesting to learn the origin of the name of the Dead Bear Brewing Company elsewhere in town...interesting names, for both establishments.   (Sorry, no Dead Bear picture.)

Be safe...



  1. I always enjoy places with odd or distinctive names. For that matter I like odd names on people. When I was young I would do occasional title searches for the lawyer I was working for upstate NY two names that I will remember forever were: Hymen Peckerman and Ophelia Crack.

    1. Three more: I was looking for a number in the phone book back in my youth, and came across a Mr. Harley Davidson. And my folks knew the parents of Mary Christmas and Shanda Lear.

      They're everywhere!