Sunday, August 6, 2017

Back out on the 5

On day 5,  I was at BWI rail station once again, this time headed south, and waiting for a commuter train south to DC, to pick up the Capitol Limited for Chicago.  I was on site early and thus able to catch a quick selfie on the platform....

My rides to DC, and then Chicago, were uneventful.

I enjoyed meeting folks in the diner, and had some good conversation during dinner.  Seated with me was a man and his son, who were getting off in Pittsburgh in the middle of the night.  And one other woman.   The boy, who was about 11, was very articulate, and able to express himself very well.  He had two women to talk a retired teacher and one a transgender retired office worker (me).  My transgender status didn't come up - the teacher and I kept him (and his dad) talking for most of the meal.  Wonder what questions the kid later had for his dad?

Upon arrival in Chicago, I hustled to get to the Metropolitan Lounge and get my bags stowed away before the rest of the crowd arrived.  My plan worked, and I saw several folks from the train as I got settled.

I immediately ventured out to the food court to get some lunch, and one commuter who needed to get past me in the crowd waiting for a commuter train said "Excuse me, Sir."   But I don't think it was an intentional slight, simply a mistake, he wasn't looking directly at me, and probably didn't see the whole picture of who it was that he was trying to get past.   Yes, I do have broad shoulders. (Quite unlike the conductor on the earlier train. whose comment was clearly intentional.)  But otherwise I had no issues!

Sunsets can be beautiful from a train...

Stay tuned for more...



  1. I like the blue outfit. It is a good pick for travel.

    I am confused. It seemed like you were traveling north through NY heading west from Utica towards Chicago. It now looks like you ended up back near where you started and are now heading out towards Chicago.

    1. Pat,

      Thanks on the outfit. It's comfortable, and I like it a lot.

      You are quite correct...I reversed direction. Very much Intentionally.

      Having been on the Lake Shore to Chicago in the last couple years, I wanted one more ride on the Capitol and Cardinal, just in case our intrepid leader decides to cut Amtrak funding in the new budget.

      You gotta be quick to keep up with me...LOL!