Monday, August 21, 2017

A lull in the activity here...

It's been quiet as far as exciting news goes...only two things in the "Something New" category:

Our post office has a number of new employees - retirement lured all the old timers away.   And today a number of things marked "college loan" (but for a girl - not me) arrived in our mail.  It looked like important stuff, and had first class postage.  So I took it into the post office and went to the window.  A sweet young girl came over, apparently a new employee.

"May I help you, Ma'am?"  My response:  "Sure.  These came in my mail.  The address is correct, but there's nobody here by this name." "Oh.  So you're not Jessica?"   "No, Miss, I'm not." "OK, we'll take care of it."  "Thank you so much, Miss.'"  "Glad we could help, Ma'am.  Thanks for bringing it to our attention."

I guess to her, I'm a girl.  For as long as that lasts!  Love it...

But when we went out for lunch a few days ago (at the same restaurant where we were "ladies" last time), this time the hostess did not use gendered greetings, for either of us.  And the male server used "folks" a few times, nothing the rest of the time.   

 My wife wasn't offended by not being addressed as Ma'am.   So I'm not either.  (At least I didn't hear the dreaded "S" word.)   Oh, well, it is what it is!!!

Till next time...



  1. It is common for people to make assumptions and the most common assumption when encountering someone new is to make an assumption about their gender. Of course some folks abide by the old bromide "Not to assume because it makes an ASS out of yoU and ME".

    1. That old bromide is a favorite of mine...LOL!