Monday, August 1, 2016


In my post about the Ma and Pa, I mentioned an incident about a person my wife and I know, who "may" have been present at my hotel, and who "may" have seen - or recognized - Mandy on her weekend out.   Subsequent events seemingly have provided a perfect response, should it ever be needed.

A person who is a part of a group we all (my wife and I, as well as the party at the motel) belong to, sent some documents for me to review recently.  In them, I was identified as being present and commenting g at a certain event in the past.  But at the time of that event, we were actually at another event, and it can be proven.  I notified him of the error and he will have me removed from those records.  But he truly thought he remembered me speaking there..and would have sworn on a stack of bibles that I was present.  His comment was "You must have been there at least in spirit...this is spooky."

Those events brought to mind an incident at work about 10-12 years ago, about which I had forgotten.

I worked for a company with offices near a commuter rail station (very convenient for many, but not necessary for me.)   I drove into work early one morning, from our house 12 miles south of there.  Meanwhile, one of our employees and her hubby boarded an early train at the station near their house, about 30 miles north of the office.  When she got off the train and into the office, she was surprised to see me there already...and wearing pants and a top.  She told me that both she and her hubby had seen me (wearing a stylish dress and killer heels) board their train two cars back from them, about an hour previously.  But they both walked through the train and couldn't find me on board.  Though her hubby stayed on the train all the way to the end of the line, after she deboarded at our station, she waited on the platform till it left for me to get off.   "I" never a dress and heels, or otherwise!

I showed her my car in the parking lot, with its "only warm" engine proving I had been there for a while, and offered to let her look through it for any women's clothes, which she declined to do.  (As one of the religious types, I guess she didn't want to risk knowing for sure, in case I really did wear dresses.  Little did she know.)   

And she never did figure out who, or what, they saw boarding the train...since it obviously wasn't me.  (And it truly wasn't.)  A woman who looks vaguely like me at a distance?  (I had long hair even that far back.)  A spirit?  Where did it come from?  Where did it go?  Why?  Coincidental?  Mystical?  Supernatural?  That was never solved, and we'll never know the answers.

So this wasn't the first time....but from the looks of things, undoubtedly won't be the last!  And in this particular case, given my attire at the motel, it could provide some great cover, since at least two of the parties know each other and can corroborate it... 

But I agree...the whole concept (well, other than the actual incident on Mandy's weekend) really is spooky!!

More later...



  1. It seems to me that those of us who do dress are particularly aware of where we have been when we have been out and about so even though at our age we do tend to forget things our femme outings do tend to stick out from our day to day routines.
    I do believe that there are some folks that tend to have more dopplegangers than others. Last week I was at a rest area on the GSP and had to look three times at a guy who looked like one of my co-workers. He told me that there are several people that often get confused with him including a guy from his town who ran for school board. He said that around election time lots of people come up to him and tell him that they voted/ will vote for him.

    1. At least I'm not the only one to deal with this issue...LOL!


  2. Spooky indeed!

    I find the more the years go on, the more often I feel like I'm seeing someone from my past.

    As time goes on we see more and more people, so more and more people tend to look familiar to us. As Pat said people tend to loose memory as we get older, so we may think someone is familiar, but we may be confusing one memory for another. i don't know, that's just a theory :-)

    1. Perhaps that's the reason for the mistaken identity instances. I, too, sometimes notice that folks bear a passing resemblance to people I recall from the past.

      Perhaps if the person I "know" were there, standing next to the person with the "passing resemblance," the two wouldn't look alike after all...

      Wonder if there is an official designation for this occasional phenomenon?