Saturday, August 27, 2016

A quickie...

I'm now wearing flats much of the time, and without pantyhose.  This has turned out to be a very good thing.

A while back, I stubbed my left big toe on a chair.  And the toe nail cracked, off center...with the narrow strip on the right   Through several pedicures, I watched the crack try to "grow out."   I'm not sure how well it has gone, because I've noticed a sharp edge at the crack on the nail the past few weeks, which I kept trimming and filing to keep it from snagging on my pantyhose as I put them on.   Being without socks or stockings has been helpful lately.

Recently, it caught on my panties.  As I tried to trim it again, the sharp edge started to separate from the main part of the nail.  A short piece of the narrow nail strip came off in my hand.   It didn't hurt, but doesn't look good - goes 3/8 inch from the end of my nail in toward the nail bed.  (Needless to say, I won't be getting pedicures for a while.)  Eventually when my schedule settles down, I may have to visit a doctor eventually, to have it looked at and evaluated as to whether it will heal itself or medical intervention will be needed.

But I only have one pair of fisherman sandals which will keep my toes hidden (including the one with the band-aid.)  It's a good thing I now wear flats....without pantyhose.   So my wife suggested I clear my closet of open toe sandals for the season....which I did.  Geeze, there is a lot of room now!

At Mom's nursing home, there are tons of new residents. (Not sure if the old ones are dying off or changing to other facilities.)  Recently, I accompanied Mom to an event there.  It was much more crowded than the usual events, which was good.  A new male resident (at least one I don''t recall seeing before) had his wheelchair parked next to me by a new (likewise never before seen) female aide.  And I kept catching him looking my way, every time I had occasion to look in that direction.

I knew I wasn't having a wardrobe malfunction, but he kept checking out my legs and feet (I was wearing the same style of women's shorts and tops I always wear, but now with smooth legs, no pantyhose, and ballet flats.)   He was obviously confused.  Each time our gaze met, I smiled at him, and he looked away.   But by the end of the event, he apparently had settled down, either accepting the fact that he didn't know whether I am a guy or a gal, or figuring out he should ask someone who knows me.

Either way, it's OK.   I''ll respond to "Ma'am" or "Sir."

More later....



  1. Good luck with your toe nail. Split nails take forever to grow out and call for constant care. Lately I have been plagued with heel spurs (plantar fasciitis) of my right foot. It hurts like hell to walk. I have had it before and often it resolves itself but in the past I have had to take painful cortisone shots.
    Right now I think my best means of treatment may be to spend more time in high heels. When I wear my 3" pumps there is no pain and even when I take them off I am relatively pain free for a while.

    1.'s not bothering me, and there's no open wound. So I think it's healing. If it starts to grow again I'll just have to wait it out. Time will tell.

      Interesting that your issue is better with high heels. I hope that it works for you!