Thursday, September 13, 2018

And Hurricane Florence hasn't even arrived yet...

This was taken Tuesday morning, in a small town on a tributary of Chesapeake Bay.  (No, NOT my town, and NOT my residence.)   In the first picture, you can see by the stop sign, that a road and yard are flooded.   This is the result of what my rain gauge says was about 3-1/2 inches of rain over the previous 3 nights.  (Note, the area is very close to sea level.  There are likely many areas prone to flooding like this.)


Following is someone's yard.  Really cute house...I hope it doesn't get flooded out during whatever they receive from Hurricane Florence.   

Interesting note, a building lot is for sale in the area, for a price in the mid-$80k range.  Any house I'd even consider building there would have to be on very tall stilts, which likely wouldn't be approved for a building permit...given the historic nature of the area.

More updates to follow...if the rain gets here, which recent forecasts show as less likely...


  1. The folks in the Carolinas are really swimming in flood water. This storm was slow moving and full of moisture. It looks like it will circle past your neck of the woods. We expect it up in NY Tuesday. Stay dry.

    1. It's more or less on our doorstep now. Not raining yet, but soon. So sad about those in NC and SC (not to ignore WV and VA.) Let's hope this awful storm soon exits and stops causing everyone problems!

      You stay dry, too!