Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Planes, Trains & Automobiles - oops, no planes.

Next day, I elected to drive north for some more exploring around the defunct East Broad Top Railroad.  Knowing in advance that this is a regular haunt of some folks I know from back in the DC area…I chose to dress somewhat androgynously.   Translation:  ankle boots for tromping around in ballast, capri jeans with pantyhose, very old rail-motif polo shirt, but “no skirt.”   Mandy stayed in the suitcase. 

There were some interesting spots near the old right-of-way.  One was this picturesque auto bridge over Aughwick Creek,.  The water was still running high and fast after days of rain in the area.  You could see by the matted grass how high the water had been…

On the way into town, I passed a used car dealer, with a drop-dead gorgeous 1961 Chevy Impala Super Sport with rare 409 cubic inch engine, 4 on the floor, and 41,000 miles (allegedly original) on the odometer.  Needless to say, the proprietor came out to say hi.  We talked cars for a while, and this one had just been sold. For an astonishingly high figure, like “5 figures to the left of the decimal point.”  Wow!

Then a friend of his in a hot Mustang drove by and stopped.  The 3 of us talked cars for a while, which took some more time….      Note to self:  If I ever try to sell my antique, I need to set my price sights a bit higher than what I originally thought…LOL!

Next, I decided to go into town and see the train station…I was able to walk around it, and also the railroad grounds.  It’s too bad trains don’t run any more.  Such a complete railroad, shuttered.  So sad…

Then I set my GPS for Robertsdale, where there is a fascinating museum (it was closed the last time I was in town.)   It’s the Broad Top Area Coal Miners Museum.  What a place! The basement, main floor and upper floor of an old church, full of information and exhibits about the area, its residents, and its former big industries:  coal mining and railroads.   (Note the wicker chair in the center foreground...a relic from the nearby Huntington & Broad Top Railroad's parlor car.)  n

If I had taken the time to read everything of interest, they’d have had to kick me out when the place closed.  (As it was, I left only an hour before the closing bell.) If you ever get a chance to visit, it’s definitely worth the effort.

On the way back, clouds gathered, so I stopped at a grocery store and picked up dinner to take back to the motel.  Staff at the store did not use any gender-related terms for me.  And not long after getting back, it started to rain.  Hard.  I laid down on the bed, and next thing I knew, it was morning!

As an aside, I’ve become somewhat envious of women wearing skorts (skirts with shorts attached underneath).   Skorts certainly offer the best of both worlds: the feminine  appearance of wearing a cute skirt, but with modesty, offered by attached shorts underneath.   A perfect combination. 

So, in preparation for Mandy’s next trip, whenever that may be, I already mentioned that I bought a gray skort for myself “on line.”   (I already have a denim one.)  

Finally, here’s a pic…

Once it arrived, there was only time to do that quick check to see about fit…and it should be fine.  (But when wearing heels, it will look better with pantyhose, rather than just bare legs.)

More later.



  1. Your travels sure bring you to some interesting places. I like the concept of the pantyhose with the capris and I really like the idea of the skort. I really have to look into finding a pair or two.
    It seems like the guys you were talking cars with were not concerned or did not notice the pantyhose. Car guys can focus on the car issues and the world can come to an end and not have them lose that focus. I guess train guys can be the same.
    Too bad you were in your daily driver rather than the antique.

    1. It certainly would have been fun in the antique, but the difference between 36 mpg on regular gas and 12-14 mpg on premium, as well as safety of the carbody from nicks and scratches precluded any consideration of it.

      If the guys noticed anything, I couuldn't tell. So I guess how I was dressed was transparent to them...