Saturday, October 14, 2017

More humdrum stuff, and from the Unusual Location Names Department.

Life is getting back to normal after the long vacation...and the weather cooled off a bit.

So, when heading to a nearby auto parts store to redeem a coupon (not the store where the "guy in a skirt" used to - or maybe still - works), I chose black capris, pantyhose, a purple tunic tee, and flats (along with the ever-present cues.)   And was addressed as female.  Always a good thing.

When we got back from our last trip, my nails needed filled.  So I stopped in at the nail salon, where the tech affirmed my femininity by addressing me as "Miss Mandy."  I'm pretty sure they know I'm a guy (probably from other women in the neighborhood who know me), but she likes the tips, and seems to remember how to address me.   Which is a good thing!

Following that,,, we found that a neighbor's table umbrella (a big 8 feet in diameter) had taken flight in the previous day's wind storm.  It landed at the edge of the woods near our place.  We both felt that the neighborly thing to do was rescue it and put it under his deck, so it wouldn't blow again.

I was wearing my navy blue housedress and was barefooted, so I told her I'd go put on some yard shoes (wild animals sometimes use our yard as their bathroom.)  I said nothing about changing clothes.   She said she wanted to change into some yard shoes, too.  While she did that, I got the basement door open and went out to survey the situation.  The umbrella was upside down and the spokes were tangled in some weeds, while the main post was stuck in a tree branch.   And it was heavy.  The only thing missing was Mary Poppins (pun intended.)

We wrestled it out of there, collapsed it and stowed it under the neighbor's deck.  Mind you, in view of several other houses in the row.   No concern about my being seen...but in reality the neighbor was out for the weekend, and the neighbor beyond that, lives on the other side of their house.  So the odds against being seen were small.  But there was no resistance.

Pushing the envelope is good...and yet I know that at some point, my presentation will meet with resistance, whether from my wife, or at places we frequent.  Time will tell.

While exploring the Johnson City, TN area on our most recent excursion, we came across the following unusual street name:

The homes were beautiful, on big lots, with lots of expensive cars in driveways.   Might be a good place to live...even with the name...



  1. Being out and about in the yard, even doing chores, in a dress is a move forward. I suspect that she did not think that you would be spotted but even so the very act of being out in the daylight while dressed is a positive step.

    I really like the concept of being out in capris and pantyhose. I have never been a fan of capri pants on anyone. I just do not care for the look but getting out while in hose that is visible to those who care to look is always a fun event.

    1. For some reason, I've always liked the appearance of capri pants, and envied women for being free to wear something so comfortable. That's probably why they've become a staple in my wardrobe!

      But I know everyone has different views, and that's OK!

      I hope pushing the envelope in my housedresses pays dividends in eventually being able to be out while wearing skirts or dresses.

      The past few days I've been on a solo out-of-town excursion...3 full days as a girl in skirts, and one day masquerading as a guy. (Business related.)

      This was another absolutely fabulous trip. Second only to my cross-country excursion a while back. And now that I'm back home, being limited to capris and stirrup pants is a big let down.

      Posts about it to follow shortly. Lots more info. Stay tuned...