Monday, July 17, 2017

Quickie: One good thing? Or two?

Once back from vacation, life started to go on again...with its normal "unusual turn of events..."

When I arrived at the nursing home for the first time after the trip, I was told that Mom needs more clothes.   And they told me that in my absence, she enjoyed wearing the one dress that made it to her closet (at home she seldom wore dresses, and most were the wrong size, so they went to charity when we closed up the house.)    Not sure about their statement, but...

One of my old dresses doesn't fit me as well as it should (too small), so I retrieved it from storage, took that in to the nursing home and they will label it for her.  Not only does that free up some storage space in my wardrobe hiding place, but if it fits her well enough, it could add an interesting twist to the old tale of "I wear Mom's hand-me-downs."  She will be wearing MY old dress!   And even if it doesn't fit her well, it can reside safely in her closet at the nursing home, labeled for her and safe from discovery.

But wait, there's more!

For some time, we've been getting "one per customer" reduced-price food offers from a restaurant in a nearby town.  It's a restaurant where in the past, staff has addressed us as two women whenever we stop in, and they always inquire "One check or two, ladies?"  I jokingly suggested to my wife that since they believe we're two women, when they offer a menu item we like, and it's convenient for us, we should go in and carry on the image, get two checks, then pay separately to take advantage of the offers.

Then came the truly shocking part:  my idea wasn't shot down.  It even got a chuckle.  No, we haven't done it yet, nor have we set a date to try it.  And let there be no doubt about my attire - no skirts.  (Capris are always fine.)  But the very fact that my lighthearted idea did not "die on the vine" with an abrupt "no way," is a good omen...

Finally, while I was retrieving my dress for Mom from storage, I came across a denim skort I'd bought "dirt cheap" a while back - because it needed repair for a small seam tear at one side pocket. (Yes, my skirts and skorts have more pockets than my capris, stirrups or shorts).  Thus, I've never worn it.   While I was out and about, I took it to the cleaners for (hopefully) minor repairs.    It should be a very practical addition to my wardrobe!  Especially in light of my upcoming July solo trip...

What really surprised me, though, was that the young (30something) female attendant at the cleaners couldn't find the inside of the outer denim layer, since it was covered with the internal fabric shorts.   She kept fumbling with the fabric and mumbling "What is all this?"  My response was:  "It's a skort, Ma'am.  Those are the shorts sewn inside the skirt.  They make it easy to 'not show everyone' my panties when I bend or sit."  No response from her, but she figured out how to reach the area she needed.  (I really didn't want to have to show her.)

Is it conceivable that a youngster could live such an insulated life that she doesn't know what a skort is?   She was wearing shorts, so if she only wears shorts and pants, I guess anything's possible.  Maybe she'll learn something about fashion, and try a skort - they look so nice!

That's all for now.



  1. It could be a good thing that your mother may now want to wear dresses. This may enable you to buy a few more dresses and 'give them to your mother' for the home to label and then provide storage in her closet. Then when you want to take the dress out for a spin you just reborrow your own dress from your mother. I am sure neither your mother nor the home will notice a missing dress, especially if there is a small collection of dresses hanging in her closet.

    In my situation my wife became more tolerant of me being dressed at home if I spent my dress up time cooking or cutting up food for dinner or even cleaning around the place. It enabled her to pick up an appreciation that there are some plusses to having a husband who likes to dress as a woman. In your case perhaps the plus side of your presentation becomes more palatable to your wife if it save a few bucks on a dinner out.

    You are likely correct that some folks simply have no experience with skorts. Live and learn.


    1. Pat,

      Though her memory is seriously deteriorating, my mother has always been fairly tolerant of pictures of me dressed. Not sure when this year;s Halloween party will be, whether she will be doing well that day, and whether the new administration at the nursing home would tolerate my "new costume." But the current thought process is to dress there... Time will tell if it works out.

      I'm not sure the approach that worked for you would work for me...since I mostly wear long dresses around the house and they are tolerated. But even an expressed thought of any other item of female clothing gets the "evil eye."

      Except the "kilt" idea. For some reason, that did not. And I admit I haven't done much to move it forward, other than to do some very basic research. The concept should be workable, but the summer has been too busy to get very far.


  2. Mandy -

    This might be the tool you need to get your wife comfortable with you wearing dresses and skirts....

    Regarding storing dresses with your mom's wardrobe - I love it!


    1. Marian,

      There are some "flies in the oatmeal"...beginning with "they LOST the dress!" Once the situation stabilizes I'll post more...

      But if it eventually works out, I may be able to proceed as planned.