Thursday, May 25, 2017

More "De-constuction" along US-50

Once again, the wheels of progress have turned.   I can''t say whether it's a good - or bad - thing.

As I returned from my recent adventure, I noticed the former mom and pop motel near the US 50 and US 301 split - lately containing an antiquities shop in its former restaurant and lounge - being demolished.   The old motel rooms were already removed from the site. We had not known that it was in danger of disappearing, but just like the other motel demolition project, reported on in December of 2014, everything happened quickly.

Taken last week.  All that was left is the main building.  And you can see the yellow shovel removing  the back of it.

Taken this week.   The site is clear.

All that's left is a small pile of rubble, yet to be removed.

And now, the reason for its demise...another convenience store!

Likely this land use enhancement is good for the county's (and state's) taxes, but it's just a mile (or less) further west is the site of the other new convenience store...  How many of them are really necessary?   Obviously one more was needed, and it's likely the company paid a lot more than a pittance to entice the owners to sell the property.    That's the price of progress...

BTW, the antique business formerly in the old restaurant, relocated to Delaware, which has no sales tax.  One employer lost for Maryland, one gained.   Fair trade?  Your guess is as good as mine...



  1. Another one bites the dust. It is sad when an old place can no longer survive but progress will push forward. It is beyond sad when progressively high taxes force decisions that would otherwise not have been made. As businesses and people look at their finances they have to take into account how much of what they have worked to earn is being taken from them by the ever growing government.

    1. I'm not sure that taxes were as much of a factor for the property owner, as was an astronomical offering price for the land.

      There is excellent access to and from US 50 westbound, and decent access eastbound by using an exit and overpass a half mile away... The convenience store built in 2014 has excellent westbound access, but almost no eastbound access.

      There aren't a lot of gas/convenience stations further east enroute to the beach...and regular beachgoers know that, so it could help increase their business.

      Time will tell...


  2. Location...location...location

    1. And "an offer they couldn't refuse!"