Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Quickie...

Initially I wasn't sure about the topic of my next post, but when the opportunity came to try on a couple of my older blouses with capris and a skirt, I gave it a whirl.  Thus, it became my next post!  Here are the results...

In both cases, the blouses are shorter,  and allow more of my skirt to show.  Plus, they are more feminine in appearance than the turtlenecks.   From that standpoint, it's all good.   And these should work OK for a casual day shopping, or a run to the store. (And yes, I'm checking the thrift shops for black skirts...a better color combination.

For my trial run in the old car, I'm likely to opt for a long skirt and a top commensurate with the weather.  If it's cool, which is likely, a turtleneck.  For warmer weather, a blouse...most likely the blue floral one - if I can hide it under a turtleneck for leaving the house! Or a blue tee-type blouse that is part of my daily wardrobe.

In reality, it's too soon to tell!  But who knows what the weather next weekend will bring?

Be safe...



  1. I am not sure the black capri's work with the skirt. If you can get by with just the skirt over Pantyhose I think you have a winner.

    1. Yes, I can. And will - but on excursions not requiring a "cornfield change" of clothes. Overnight trips will be best for those outfits since I don't leave home wearing them.