Sunday, February 19, 2017

My Quiet Period...

With another "quiet period" upon me, it's really tough to find ways to get out as Mandy...

I dress androgynously full time, so even when not presenting fully femme, I'm frequently addressed as female.   That happened again yesterday at Mom's nursing home.  As I was leaving, I held the door open for an old woman....who may only have been 55 but looked more like 75.  And she said "thank you, Ma'am."  I responded "you're welcome, Ma'am."  No strange looks or double takes.  The way it should be!   (And is, unless someone has issues with transgenders...)  There are a few of those...and that's when I hear "Sir".

I'm thinking about planning a solo shakedown day trip in my old car - this month or next, weather permitting.  And that brings to mind "wardrobe."  I need something unmistakeably feminine, but which can be put on/taken off easily without a dressing room. 

What I'm contemplating right now is a pair of black "pedal pusher" capris and a turtleneck (gray, brown or black), with pantyhose and flats. That's my everyday attire, and with some light makeup, I can wear it directly from home.  I have a lightweight blue knee-length skirt, which I could take along, and slip into it "over the capris" in a cornfield after leaving home.  Leaving the capris on underneath, of course - that helps the outfit look like a fancy skirted capri.  Women wear skirted leggings all the time (and I love the look!).

I've seen ads for skirted capris (look them up on the internet!  Many sites have them - following is one of the many:  The outfit would look better with a black skirt, but the one I have really doesn't fit that well.  I'm watching the thrift shop for a new black skirt which fits better.

What do you think?  Will this look OK, with the turtleneck or as the weather warms, a women's short sleecve tunic-top?   Or I could wear one of the long skirts I have, over a pair of capris or shorts,  as I've done before. You've seen me wearing those in some of my other blog posts - picture below.

For the ferroequinologists out there, I've pulled a picture from my archives which may be of interest.  A date is not specified, but memory says this was one of the first Spanish Talgo (tilting) trainsets to be imported for service in this country, circa 1994.

 Taken at the BWI Airport Rail Station on the Northeast Corridor

To the best of my knowledge, the last of the EMD/ASEA AEM-7 locomotives (1978-2016) on the Amtrak roster (#914 is shown above) have now been retired from daily service, and one has reportedly been donated to a railroad museum in PA for preservation.   So the picture is notable for both reasons.

I'll leave you with a beautiful scene, taken from the shore of Lake McDonald, reportedly the largest lake in Glacier National Park.  It's more than a mile wide and ten miles long, and is a giant bowl surrounded by thickly forested, towering mountains.  It was formed by glaciers during the last ice age, ten thousand years ago.

The picture, while pretty, doesn't do it justice.  The entire area was absolutely breathtaking.  If the opportunity to visit Glacier ever comes your way...just do it!  (Before all the ice melts...)

Till nest time,



  1. While I believe that the skirt is a totally woman's item the capri's with the pantyhose do not fall far behind. You just do not associate males with wearing either. As such, at least in my book skirt, pantyhose, capris, purse and makeup serve to push you over the line from androgeny to feminine.

    1. Thanks, Pat...

      I found that a couple of other tops I already own may enhance the look a bit further to the feminine side... Stay tuned for a couple posts with some more pictures.