Friday, July 8, 2016

Harvest Time

A quickie today...

Harvest time on the autumn leaves nor cold winds blowing.  (We could use a few of those right now....)  This is a telephoto view of one of our many farm fields

From what I've been told, this is a grain and straw harvest.  The grain is grown, it turns brown and a harvester cuts the plants and lops off the grain.  What remains is the stem of each plant, i.e. straw, low in nutritional value but useful around the farm in the barn, and in other areas such as landscaping.  A baler makes the cut straw into neat bales for transport and storage.

Prior to moving here, I thought harvests occur in the fall.  Not always!

Delmarva Harvest in July.

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  1. Hay can be harvested more than once a year. It feeds the stock.

    1. Right. And good quality hay is often baled when it is a greenish color. They tell me the nutrients are in the leaves, and in most cases, the greener the better.

      I never knew any of this stuff before moving "out to the farm" here on the Delmarva.