Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sometimes a dress just catches your eye...

It was a busy and exciting weekend...but that blog has yet to be written.  It will appear, in due time...

Probably I'm not alone in noticing what women are wearing, color combinations, patterns and the like.  On Saturday I visited the Udvar-Hazy Center, Chantilly, VA - the Smithsonian's repository for aviation and space artifacts which are too large for the museum on the Mall in DC.  (Yes, I got to see the Space Shuttle Discovery, which my wife, son and I watched take off from Florida years ago.)

Let's just say that the outfit below initially caught my eye as the woman wearing it passed by the McDonalds where I (in a skirt and blouse outfit with flat sandals) was having lunch.  Not sure if she calls it a tunic top or short dress, but she wore "whichever" with her black tights and modest heels.

I love the bold colors, and she wears it very well.  Not only was there a "wow" factor in her dress, but she must have passed me three or four times as the day went I got to see it again and again.

One of these days, and under these circumstances (fully dressed),  I'll be brave enough to stop the woman and ask...where she got her dress!


  1. That is a nice outfit and it has inspired me a bit. I have a very colorful print dress in my closet that I have never worn out because it is too short. I think that I may try pairing it with black tights and see if that gives me enought modesty to go out the door.

    It is a good point to note that we do tend to notice what women are wearing much more so than most of the civilian population and there have been times when I have passed a comment or two but most of the time the comments stay locked in my head.

    1. I don't have any dresses that short, but it inspires me also - to find a dressy, colorful outfit, specifically for cooler weather. And with black tights underneath, I won't have to let length (or lack of it) enter the decision-making process at all!

      Bare legs do make a bit more sense, at least for outdoors in the summer. And it was in the low 80's outdoors. But the air conditioning was on the cool side of comfortable inside the building, so her outfit made sense for a girl who knew it would be chilly. As for me, I was reveling in the comfortable coolness of my skirt, with bare legs. This was a big first for me...I normally wear pantyhose out and about in skirts. But now that I've felt the comfort going bare-legged in a skirt can will happen again!

      And, if you're like me, you probably wonder if the girl might have ended up being too warm... We'll never know!

  2. Last night I went out to a friendly LGBT lounge. By the time I left work (6 PM)got home (7PM), ate dinner, called my wife, checked the house and mail (8PM), showered, dressed and got my makeup on (9PM) I did not get to the venue until 9:30.

    Inspired by this post I wore my blue/black/green print dress. This is the shortest dress I ever wore out and I could not wear any of my regular slips under the dress so I opted for a black half slip that I pulled up to my bra. I also wore a very light white cotton jacket over the dress. I went with nude pantyhose and green stiletto pumps and my short and sassy blond wig.

    I hung at the bar talking to some of the people that I knew from other visits, particularly one young man who is a bit of an interesting character with professional experience on boats (sail and power and large), skiing, traveling and cars. He has been in the car business and is a certified master mechanic and he is a 'real car guy' and knows his stuff. He also has a Jesuit education so we talked politics and the Pope.

    There was a drag show scheduled for 11 PM so prior to that time a few DQs started to show up. At one point I went outside to join the smokers. having smoked until 4 years ago I always enjoyed the camaraderie of the exiled smokers. One of the DQs told me that she love my dress. I claimed that I thought it was too short and, of course, she disagreed since her hem was even higher than mine. She then asked me where I got the dress and my mind drew a blank. I went back into the lounge and then remembered it was mail ordered from Target and that my shoes which she also liked were from Newport News. I went back out and we discussed places that she liked to shop. Her dress was a high neck brown print with 3/4 length sleeves. She had a good time joking with some of the GGs out on the smokers porch about being able to stash her smart phone behind one of her boobs. It made not visable difference but when the three young ladies we were chatting with tried to do the same with their phones the outline of the device was visable.

    By 110:30 I was exhasted and had reached my drink limit and the 11PM show had not yet started so I drove home. I put the top down on the Mustang and it was fun riding in the convertible with my wig hair blowing in my face.


    1. Hi Pat,

      Your dress sounds fabulous! And having a good time as well as looking nice makes it even better. I bet it's fun talking to the girls. Whenever it happens to me, I love it!

      Definitely a novel place to store one's cell phone...but I think I'll stick to my purse!

      I used to have a convertible (back in the day) and had fun with it. Now, with my long hair, even having a window open messes it up terribly. Long live air conditioning!

      Keep those experiences coming!