Thursday, December 5, 2019

To my many readers and followers:

Hi to my many readers and followers:

Some of you have been reading this blog since it opened in June of 2012.   But nothing is permanent except change.   There’s some good news, and some bad news.  

The good news:  my new blog is  It’s taken a bit of effort to learn how to deal with it.  Yes, it operates differently, but I’ve managed to get some practice by making new entries, and by refreshing some of my old ones from this blog.  I invite each of you to check it out, add it to your reading list, and follow it (as some of you have already done.)

The bad news:  I’m no longer posting new entries here.  And at some point in the near future, this blog is very likely to disappear.  I don’t need two of them to maintain.   So, I hope to see a lot of you transferring to (and following) my new blog…in the very near future!

Happy Trails To Each of You!


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